Moving to Italy from the United States

Moving internationally can be daunting. We’ll make your relocation to Italy easy and stress-free.

With over 40 years of experience, choose JK Moving for your move to Italy from the US. Our comprehensive relocation services include full packing, secure transportation, and timely delivery. A move manager dedicated to you will coordinate all the logistics of your move for a smooth and organized process. We also offer safe and secure options for any of your temporary storage needs.

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Why move to Italy?

Discover Italy’s allure – rich history, art, culture, and scenic landscapes. From cuisine to heritage, it offers a unique experience. Make your move to Italy stress-free with JK Moving.


Rich cultural heritage

Italy is home to a treasure trove of historical landmarks, art, and architecture. Living amidst such a rich cultural heritage can be a constant source of inspiration and awe.

Relocate to Italy from US

Laid-back lifestyle

When moving to Italy you will immerse in the country's cherished way of life, where a relaxed pace is treasured as are family and social values, and life's simple pleasures are deeply ingrained.

Italy healthcare

Healthcare system

Italy has a universal healthcare system that ensures residents have access to medical services, making it a favorable place to live for those concerned about healthcare.

Moving to Italy from US

Delicious cuisine

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious flavors and diverse dishes. From pasta and pizza to gelato and espresso, food lovers will be in paradise.

Top 5 destinations to move to in Italy

Stress-free moves from the US to Italy with JK. Explore Italy’s captivating destinations: Rome’s grandeur, Florence’s artistry, Milan’s vibrancy, Venice’s romance, and Bologna’s charm await you.

Moving to Rome from US


Embrace the eternal city's historical charm and iconic landmarks when moving to Rome, where ancient ruins meet modern living.

Move to Milan from US


Move to Milan, a vibrant metropolis known for fashion, finance, and a bustling cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Moving to Florence from US


Your move to Florence will immerse you in Renaissance art, architecture, and the Tuscan beauty of this cultural gem.

Move to Venice


When moving to Venice, you'll get to the enchanting allure of the floating city, with its romantic canals and unique charm.

Moving to Bologna from US


When you move to Bologna, you'll find a city renowned for its rich history, culinary delights, and warm atmosphere.

Moving to Italy FAQs

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