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Biotech and Lab Moving Services

JK is at the forefront of providing leading laboratory and medical moving solutions. Leveraging specialized, proprietary tools, equipment, and methodologies, we provide an unparalleled moving experience, ensuring that your lab is up and running with little disruption. Our team is trained in handling valuable and fragile lab and medical equipment as well as work in progress. JK has expertise in the regulations, safety compliance, and detailed documentation needed for a secure and flawless relocation where no detail is overlooked.

Tailored relocation services for laboratories and biotech facilities

Lab relocation services

Moving a laboratory is complex. Trust JK and our comprehensive end-to-end solutions that include specialized teams trained in disassembling, moving, and setting up labs while ensuring your work in progress is handled with care.

Hospital moving services

Turn to JK and our specialized relocation services for your healthcare facility, including new hub equipment move-in and set-up. We also offer daily move services for national chains. All moves are executed by best-in-class teams who manage the intricacies of hospital relocations easily and perfectly.

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Medical equipment moving

As a leading medical equipment mover, JK provides tailored services for relocating high-value medical equipment like CT scanners, MRI machines, and hospital beds. Our skilled and trained teams provide a secure, hassle-free relocation.

Laboratory relocation services

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Pre-move laboratory preparation

Working with your lab team, we will customize a smooth and safe move plan both for your highly specialized lab equipment as well as your work in progress and chemicals.

Specialized lab moving equipment

Specializing in disassembling, relocating, and setting up labs, our expert lab movers ensure the safety of your equipment and work in progress with anti-static bubble wrap, customized crates, and specialized packing solutions.

Chemical and clean room relocations

Managing specialty vendors to relocate chemical, biological, and specimen/sample materials, our trained lab moving professionals can pack and segregate chemicals by DOT hazard class for the security and safety of your works in progress.

Post-move laboratory relocation services

Unpacking, assembling, and installing specialty equipment per collaborative floor plans, our skilled and trained movers also work with you to decommission and recommission technology to keep your lab up-to-date.

Case studies and resources

Case Study: Moving 2.7M tissue slides

We relocated a laboratory of Pathology’s collection of over 2.7 million tissue slides. The collection was in 12 different locations within one building.

Case Study: Moving world's first RNA analyzer

We were asked to coordinate the relocation of a lab containing freezers, refrigerators, chemicals, and the world's first RNA analyzer/synthesizer.

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Article: 5 steps to a successful lab move

A successful lab move doesn’t start on moving day. It starts in the days and weeks before, as you prepare for the big day. Here are some of the most critical steps to consider.

JK Moving provides exceptional moving services to laboratories, hospitals, and medical offices in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and nationwide.

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