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Laboratories and Medical

We have lab moving down to a science.

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lab movingIf it’s valuable to you, it’s valuable to us. We’re proud to be the leading moving partner for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and university laboratories across the U.S. We offer specialized moving equipment and we’ve developed our own proprietary tools and methods.

We offer complete lab relocation services, and specialize in disassembling, moving, setting up labs, and moving work in progress with the utmost care to minimize downtime and disruptions, with:

• Pre-move laboratory preparation (inventory, labeling, room planning, bench top setups)
• Proprietary, anti-static two-ply bubble wrap
• Custom lab equipment packing and supplies by specialized, highly-trained teams
• Secure glassware packing
• Refrigerated/frozen work samples packing
• Air-Ride equipped and climate-controlled trucks
• Post-move laboratory services (unpack, reassemble, install)
• Chemical and clean room relocations