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Meeting the growing demand for laboratory and medical moves

In the highly specialized arena of laboratory and medical moving services, the value of experience and knowledge cannot be underestimated. Laboratory relocation experts must have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of healthcare, laboratory, and biotech facility moves, have a nationwide network that can support a complex relocation, and demonstrate the ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment and proven processes to safely transport biological specimens, chemicals, hardware, and materials.

As we peer ahead into 2024, the signs point to a growing demand for top-notch lab moving and biological transport as life sciences laboratory space availability continues to show a significant increase across the U.S. Here, Matt Logan, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at JK Moving, reflects on the trends and the opportunities they bring, both in business growth for private and federal facilities and in the ways JK can offer its services to a growing clientele across the country.

Demand for lab space

Recent reports delving into the state of lab facility supply and demand yield data that points to a growing need for project management and moving expertise that can only be delivered by select relocation providers:

  • According to CBRE, demand for life sciences lab/R&D space remains well above pre-pandemic levels. Their forecast is that total space may increase by more than 20% over the next two years, as a record-high amount of new construction is currently underway.
  • With existing supply peaking, a report by real estate investment management firm JLL similarly predicts a rebound in lab space demand, driven by increasing confidence in biotech by leading venture capital firms and their anticipated investment growth in 2024.

“The life sciences field is definitely in a growth period,” agrees Matt Logan. “While the office markets have been hit hard by people working remotely, onsite lab work has remained stable.” A noted expert with more than 30 years in commercial relocation, Logan sees JK Moving as perfectly positioned to meet the challenges increased demands will bring to the industry.

“With JK, clients in life sciences as well as in medical get the full package. Our expertise in regulations, safety compliance, and meticulous documentation ensures a secure and reliable move,” Logan explains. “Most importantly, our project management team includes people who have moved more labs than any other project managers in the country. We bring the perfect combination of planning and execution, with onsite experience to handle every aspect.”

Life sciences move skillsets that matter most

Lab moving and biological transport are complex, technical, and time-sensitive. Having a knowledgeable and reliable project management team in place can mean the difference between an efficient, successful move and a costly, potentially hazardous one. In addition to creating a plan for segregating, packing, unpacking, storing, and safely transporting materials and high-value medical equipment, a relocation team should ideally be able to offer IT support ranging from office equipment removal and replacement to e-waste disposal to decommissioning data centers, as needed.

life sciences moves - specialized equipment“Specialized equipment is an investment JK Moving makes to ensure successful lab and medical facility moves,” says Logan. “Our vehicles have primary and backup generators with electrical outlets capable of powering 120v and 240v equipment to keep items powered during transport. These trucks are climate-controlled so we can move and monitor biological specimens at the correct temperature every step of the way.”

Along with the right equipment comes the right training. A relocation company that has retained and developed its staff over decades offers continuity and expertise that can be hard to come by in such a fast-changing industry. The long tenure of JK Moving’s personnel makes a tremendous difference in the level of service they can offer. “Our people have developed the experience and the confidence to move a single piece of laboratory equipment or an entire lab,” Logan explains. “We have the onsite management expertise as well as the bench strength and resources in project management.”

Leading laboratory and medical moving partner

Based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, one of the largest biotech life science markets in the country, JK Moving Services is proud to serve as a reliable partner to major universities, hospitals, medical offices, and research laboratories. With expertise developed over four decades and a reputation built on a commitment to excellence, they know exactly how to create comprehensive, customized relocation solutions that meet any need, from new installations or de-installations to relocation of invaluable lab equipment or medical devices.

The additional resource of their Technology Services division allows them to offer comprehensive end-to-end IT services as well. As Matt Logan notes, “JK’s strength is the depth of our expertise with the breadth to handle any project.” With the expected continued growth of the life sciences industry, which is more immune to economic turmoil than many others, a reliable partner with resources like these holds immeasurable value.