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Commercial Moving

Data Center Moving Services

Achieve peace of mind with JK’s data center relocation services designed to support mission-critical data infrastructure. Our in-house data center moving experts are equipped to align your organization with the appropriate project plan championed by ground support that understands the sensitive nature of IT and the risk associated with relocating, servicing, and decommissioning critical assets.

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Data Center Logistics & Relocation Services

JK’s nationwide, end-to-end data center logistics services are designed to mitigate risk, integrate with your business continuity plan, and leverages our logistics reach to reduce down time while expediting uptime. Data center relocation services include risk mitigation strategy, secure proximity warehousing with asset management, equipment de-rack/re-rack, new deployment, and sustainable decommission, among others.

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Office IT and Critical Environment Services

Physical IT infrastructures resides in many critical environments ranging from server rooms and LAN rooms inside office spaces to laboratories. Our critical environment services are built to align as an extension of your organization’s IT team in preparation for new equipment orders, relocation, consolidation, or decommission.

Data Center Logistics

JK’s Data Center Logistics Services is a subdivision of JK Technology Services.  We formed a separate division to give you specialized, professional IT services that you deserve

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Project Management

Nationwide, end-to-end data center relocation services will keep your data protected with our chain-of-custody protocols. Our team is equipped to assist with risk mitigation planning, project milestones, space and rack plans, asset verification and chain of custody, and asset deployment.

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New Deployment

Our team helps you manage multiple hardware platforms and technologies, as well as integrate servers, networking equipment, and storage resources.

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Secure Proximity Warehousing

Our data center movers are trained to provide customized, secure solutions to make managing your data convenient and affordable on a national scale. With our expertise, your organization can confidently ensure the safety of your most critical business data, no matter where you are located in the United States.

Sustainable Decommission

Whether you are a tenant in a Co-lo data center occupying a small footprint, or a large end user populating the entire data center, we provide environmentally friendly equipment decommissioning services. We are positioned to provide a sustainable e-waste solution that follows certified standards set by the EPA.

Why Choose JK Moving for Your Data Center Relocation

When it comes to data center relocation, the expertise and approach of your moving partner can make all the difference. JK Moving offers specialized data center moving and relocation services that go beyond the capabilities of general-purpose moving companies. Our focused expertise in IT infrastructure relocation ensures your move is executed with precision, security, and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Specialized Expertise

Our team consists of data center movers who are well trained and experienced in handling the delicate and complex requirements of data center moves, ensuring your equipment is moved safely and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

Customized Relocation Solutions

JK Moving provides customized planning and execution that aligns with your specific business objectives, ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting your operations.

Data center relocation milestones

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Background checked and hardware certified crews are here to assist you.

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