Custom Integrated Solutions

JK Technology Services

Custom integrated solutions.

A purpose-built enterprise IT change management platform, JK Technology Services stands at the intersection of efficiency and innovation. Serving clients that span the public and private sectors to DoD and Federal agencies, we are committed to providing a journey characterized by reliability, precision, and forward-thinking solutions. Our seamless integration with the operational excellence and resources of an industry-leading global moving company gives you access to an unparalleled, end-to-end logistics provider.

Services and solutions

Technology design and engineering

Design & engineering

Scalable solutions, robust support, unparalleled flexibility, and thorough IT lifecycle infrastructure management supported by performance-based planning elevate your tech journey with tailored strategies to meet your unique needs.

Project management, meeting with customer

Furnish & install / integration

Tailored technology solutions enhance and optimize your infrastructure, while meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our services include cabling, wiring, network setups, hardware installations, and data center configurations.

technology services

Operations: Moves, adds, & changes

Customized, market-leading solutions coupled with our unparalleled technology expertise and reliable, trained service teams, provide seamless moves, adds, and changes (MAC) services for efficient operations and optimal results.

data center

Data center support

Top-notch data center support services characterized by superior infrastructure design, precise logistics handling, and effective resource management optimize your operations and ensure consistent performance.

Why JK Technology Services?

Streamline your enterprise IT change management.

Reliable, precise, and innovative solutions tailored to your needs, whether you’re in the public sector, private industry, or a government agency.

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Defect-free outcome
Top-notch moves, designs, and installations.
Employee retention

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