Commercial Moving

Relocating the world's first RNA analyzer/synthesizer


  • Leidos needed a reliable partner to take charge and coordinate with all the specialty vendors.
  • Specialty vendor coordination was essential to each move sequence.
  • Specialty vendors needed to be hired to move high value and potentially hazardous items.
  • Orchestrating the relocation of the world’s first RNA analyzer/synthesizer


The primary concern of the Facility Manager at Fort Detrick was having to hire and coordinate all the special vendors that were needed for specialized and expensive equipment. While talking to JK’s Project Manager, the Facility Manager stated she was worried about having to coordinate the efforts by herself.

To make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible for her, JK’s Project Manager determined that being the sole point of contact would be best to hire and coordinate with the special vendors. The Project Manager stepped up into the role of the overall Project Coordinator, which helped give the Facility Manager peace of mind.

One of the first steps was bringing in specialized vendors to help with the preparation of certain items for relocation. For example, our Project Manager hired a Hazmat crew to relocate all chemicals and radiation equipment. He also brought on a special vendor
to shut down and prep the high value machine equipment for relocation.

Furthermore, JK took extra steps in moving the RNA Analyzer/Synthesizer. The machine was secured, its robotic arm locked in place, the chemicals removed and placed inside a plexiglass case. It was then placed onto a printer cart where it was bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped very carefully.


What measurable benefits did Leidos receive?  All involved couldn’t be happier with the results. According to Leidos, JK taking control of all vendors and coordinating all extra needs required by the specialized equipment moves took a massive weight off their shoulders.

As a result, the move went much more smoothly and easily than expected for everybody involved. Each piece of high value machinery was delivered safely and securely. The specialty vendors needed to set up the equipment, were waiting at the destination and successfully completed the installation of all equipment when it arrived.

Moving your lab?

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