Moving to Chile from US

Moving to Chile from the United States

Moving internationally can be daunting. We’ll make your relocation to Chile easy and stress-free.

Choose JK Moving for your relocation to Chile from the US, drawing on more than four decades of expertise in international moves. Our all-inclusive moving solutions encompass skilled packing, secure transit, and punctual arrival for your move to Chile from the US. An assigned relocation manager will coordinate all aspects of the logistics to ensure a seamless and well-structured journey. Additionally, we provide dependable and protected residential storage choices to accommodate your temporary storage needs.

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Why move to Chile?

Relocating from the US to Chile, means embracing a harmonious blend of natural marvels, economic steadiness, and a dynamic cultural milieu. Choose JK Moving to ensure your move to Chile is smooth and stress-free.

Moving from the US to Chile

Diverse landscapes

From the Atacama Desert to the Andes Mountains, Chile offers a stunning range of landscapes for nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

Chile life style, moving

Robust economy

Maximize opportunities with Chile's strong economy, solid infrastructure, and business-friendly environment.

Chile culture

Cultural abundance

Immerse yourself in a rich blend of indigenous heritage and Spanish influences, reflected in art, music, and cuisine.

What to do in Chile when moving

Outdoor adventures

Embrace thrilling experiences, whether skiing in the Andes or exploring the Pacific coastline, making Chile a haven for adventure seekers.

Top 5 destinations to move to in Chile

When moving from the US to Chile, explore the finest destinations: vibrant Santiago against the Andes’ backdrop, artistic Valparaíso, tranquil Puerto Varas by Lake Llanquihue, coastal haven Viña del Mar, and adventure hub Pucon in the stunning Lake District. Your next chapter awaits in Chile.

moving to Santiago de Chile from the US


The bustling capital city offers a blend of modern amenities, cultural attractions, and business opportunities, set against the backdrop of the stunning Andes Mountains.

moving to Valparaiso Chile


Known for its vibrant arts scene and colorful hillside neighborhoods, Valparaíso is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a unique charm and character.

moving to Vina del mar

Viña del Mar

A popular coastal resort city, Viña del Mar boasts beautiful beaches, gardens, and a lively entertainment scene, making it an ideal destination for a balanced lifestyle.

Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas

Nestled beside stunning Lake Llanquihue and surrounded by volcanoes, this picturesque town offers a tranquil atmosphere and outdoor activities like hiking and water sports.

Move to Pucon Chile


Adventurers will love Pucon, a gateway to the stunning Lake District, where you can explore hot springs, and forests, and climb the Villarrica volcano.

Moving to Chile FAQs

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