Residential Moving

Exploring storage options when moving overseas

Moving for an international work assignment can be a significant moment in your life. International relocation often comes with plenty of hoops to jump through – from paperwork and organizing travel to figuring out what to do with all your belongings. A thorough review of your storage choices and planning can help alleviate some of the stress and hassle of an international move.

Take stock of your belongings

A move allows you to take stock of everything you have and see what’s worth keeping. Over a long period of living in one place, you’ll naturally accumulate a great deal of belongings. Perhaps some of those things aren’t as useful to you now as they were when you bought them. Maybe you won’t even need some of them in your new home. One of the first steps when planning an international relocation is to figure out what you need to take with you and what you can get rid of to save on moving costs.

Take inventory of your home. If you don’t want to sell or dispose of something you can’t justify taking with you, storing those items can allow you to free up that space while not parting with something you want to keep. We recommend not storing electronics as they quickly become obsolete. Also, we suggest getting rid of furniture pieces that are not meant to be disassembled and reassembled.

Choosing the right storage option for you

As you embark on your assignment abroad, deciding how to store your belongings can be a significant decision. With two primary storage choices – self-storage and professional warehousing – each offers unique advantages and considerations to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Self-storage: Convenience and control

For those seeking convenience and hands-on control over their belongings, self-storage presents an appealing option. With self-storage, you rent a unit of your desired size at a storage facility and retain direct access to your possessions. This flexibility allows you to store and retrieve items as needed, providing a sense of ownership and control.

Professional warehousing: Peace of mind and expertise

If you prioritize peace of mind and expert handling of your belongings, professional warehousing is a viable choice. With professional warehousing, your possessions are stored in a secure facility managed by experienced professionals. They handle packing, transportation, and storage, providing a comprehensive solution for your storage needs.

Storage choices - international move

Making an informed decision

To determine the most suitable storage option for your temporary work assignment abroad, carefully consider the following factors:

  • Duration of your assignment: Self-storage may be more practical for shorter stays.
  • Volume of belongings: Larger quantities may warrant professional warehousing.
  • Value of possessions: Consider insurance and security measures.
  • Personal preferences: Assess your comfort level with managing your belongings.

By evaluating your specific needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision between self-storage and professional warehousing, ensuring your belongings are safely stored and easily accessible during your temporary work assignment abroad.