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International moving costs

Calculating the cost of an overseas move

Most people are familiar with domestic moves where costs are calculated by time (labor) and materials or by shipment weight. There are subtle differences when budgeting for an international move. JK can help you create a budget for moving overseas, accounting for things like moving costs, taxes, fees, insurance, and customs expenses and less obvious costs like parking permit requirements at your new residence. Our Q&A below will help you think about the total cost of your move and provide ideas for keeping international moving costs in check.

How much will your packed items weigh?

The cost of an international move accounts for many variables, and typically the most important is the weight and volume of belongings you plan to take with you.

What kinds of goods are you moving?

Valuable or irreplaceable items increase international moving costs, in part because they require more care in packing and more valuation coverage. Fine art, for example, involves custom crating and extra valuation protection. Read more here.

Are you shipping an automobile?

Assessing the costs of shipping your car overseas involves some trade-offs. You can ship it via container, which is more expensive but less risky, or as a roll-on/roll-off shipment. Read more here.

International shipping sea or airLand, sea, or air shipping?

The mode of transportation you choose involves some analysis of pros and cons. Land or sea shipping is less costly than air shipping, but it takes weeks longer. This is where it comes down to your budget and your timeline.

Don’t forget replacement costs.

Should the unthinkable happen, what would it cost to replace all your belongings in your destination country? Professional valuation coverage is vital to assessing these potential costs.

Add up fees, taxes, and documents.

Depending on your destination, the fees involved with obtaining proper customs documents, paying actual customs fees, entry taxes, and port fees can add up. Our international moving experts can help you get a total based on where you’re headed and how.

How will you live before your shipment arrives?

Before your things arrive, you may be paying for things like temporary housing, taxis, dining out, and laundry services. These costs can be significant.

What will you be wearing?

If the climate or culture is different where you’re heading, you may need to revamp your wardrobe. Be sure you weigh the costs of buying new clothing here and shipping them vs. waiting until you arrive.


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