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International Moving

International Freight Forwarding

Trust the details to the experts.

An international move can be complex and overwhelming. There are multiple suppliers involved, diverse regulatory matters to manage, and unfamiliar terrain to navigate.

Let JK be the single point of contact and logistics manager for every phase of your international move with our comprehensive freight forwarding services. As your expert freight forwarder, JK will:

  • Serve as your intermediary with the transportation providers and international freight forwarding services involved in your move, including air cargo providers, trucking companies, rail freighters, ocean carriers, and more
  • Oversee proper documentation to ensure your move is not delayed or derailed by paperwork
  • Manage all administrative matters associated with international freight services, including insurance policies, itemized inventory lists and other customs documentation and clearances, and any storage arrangements that may be needed

Get JK Moving Services quality, no matter where you move

As an elite FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover)-certified partner, we select freight forwarding suppliers from the FIDI partner network, which means that our partners are held to the same rigorous standards we are. Wherever in the world you move, you will get the same high-quality service you would receive from JK Moving in the U.S.

Shipping a car internationally

The decision to ship an automobile overseas isn’t simple. You’ll have to compare the costs of shipping, taxes, duties, and even filling your gas tank overseas to simply purchasing — or doing without — a car after you move. If you decide your car is moving with you, JK can manage the details of international car transport, door-to-door and bumper-to-bumper. JK will:

  • Oversee insurance issues, bills of lading, pre- and post-shipment inspections of your vehicle, import and export documentation, and customs clearance
  • Educate you on the diverse laws regarding what types of vehicles may be imported/exported
  • Manage the tariffs, taxes, or duties related to transporting your vehicle as well as regulation of goods leaving the U.S.
  • Provide guidance on preparing your car for an overseas move, taking steps that might include draining the fuel tank, removing the battery, determining if you can store household goods in your car, and ensuring you have the right documentation for export/import