Peace of mind, safeguarding your belongings during a move

Be Protected with Valuation Coverage

Peace of mind, safeguarding your belongings during a move.

Operating your vehicle without car insurance is risky. Likewise, moving without full replacement valuation is equally hazardous.

Full replacement valuation ensures your belongings are fully protected, but it comes at a price. Let your JK Moving Move Consultant guide you through understanding your options and securing the coverage you need for a stress-free move.

Understanding valuation coverage

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Understanding valuation coverage

Valuation is coverage for items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during a move or while in storage. All movers provide carrier-based liability as a standard, which is 60 cents per pound coverage. What that means is, if your entire 10,000-pound shipment is destroyed in a van fire, you would only receive $6,000 in replacement costs.

We encourage you to read your homeowners policy carefully, or speak to your insurance agent to understand and clarify if your belongings will be covered in case of catastrophic loss during a move – and get it in writing.

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What matters most

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Peace of mind

We train our employees in our house, not yours, with every team member receiving ongoing training each year.

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Care and protection

Your belongings are protected at the very beginning and aren’t unwrapped until your final destination. Every time.

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Around-the-clock customer care

Your customer service calls are answered live 24/7/365. Manage your move, including all documentation, in our customer portal.

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