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Top JK Moving blog posts of 2022

As we get ready to welcome 2023, we are reflecting on our experiences from 2022 by compiling a list of our top blogs of the year. We hope these posts have been informative and helpful for you, and if you’ve missed any of our posts, now is a great time to catch up!

1. How to plan for an interstate move

With all the details to consider when you’re planning an interstate move that require careful planning, we have created a quick guide to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

2. How many moving boxes will you need?

A successful move is pretty much impossible without carboard boxes. Figuring out how many moving boxes you’ll need for your move isn’t an exact science, but we have some tips on how you can estimate the number.

3. 7 tips for people moving in a rush

Don’t lose your head if you’re moving in a hurry. There are still plenty of things you can do to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, even as the clock is ticking. Here’s a list of tips to help even the most rushed movers.

return to office-lobby top 2022 blog4. Employees are headed back to the office – how does your old space stack up?

Many workplaces are now enforcing a return-to-office mandate. Whether choosing a full-time in-person or hybrid work-from-home model, how does your workspace hold up against the demands of the new work ecosphere?

5. Preparing for your move: What to do with your food

Something that may not be top of mind when planning for a move is what to do with all your food. Here are steps you can follow to minimize your food waste during your move and keep your schedule flowing smoothly.

6. 5 tips for keeping your home clean during a move

It’s hard to keep your home clean and tidy during a move, which can add to your stress level. If you plan from the start, it’s possible to keep your home clean and save yourself some frustration. Here are 5 tips to help keep the mess in line!

Moving into a new home7. Stumped by the lingo used for your move? Check out this moving terms glossary

The moving process can be stressful, and sometimes the jargon that is used by your movers can sound like a different language. To help you feel at ease during your move, we’ve created a glossary of commonly used moving terms to help you understand what they mean.

8. Preparing for a move: What to do with your plants

Plant experts say that plants feel the stress of moving just like we do. So it’s essential to make their trip as smooth as possible to keep your plants happy while you move. Here are some tips and tricks on how to move with plants to make sure they stay has happy as possible.

9. After the move: What to do with your packing supplies

Now that you’re all moved and unpacked, what are you supposed to do with packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and other packing supplies? Here are ideas about what to do with the material you used.

JK Moving 198910. A 40-year celebration of commitment to being the best: A glimpse at the early days at JK

This year marked JK Moving’s 40th anniversary year, and we’ve shared some stories of JK’s early days and the building blocks that shaped JK into what it is today.