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After the move: What to do with your packing supplies

Once you and all of your belongings arrive at your new home, the optimist in your head might think the work is done. However, the moving adventure continues, and tasks remain unchecked on your to-do list.

First comes unpacking. At your old home, you probably spent some time paring away things you no longer needed. The last thing you want at your new place is unnecessary clutter – specifically, all the moving supplies you used to get you where you are now!

Now that you’re all moved in and unpacked, what are you supposed to do with packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and other supplies?

After the move

It took a good deal of effort to pull together all the supplies you used to move your belongings, and it’s going to take some effort to get rid of them. With moving debris lying around, you won’t be able to set up your new space in the way you want – however, you might be able to put these supplies to work in useful ways.

Saving and repurposing your moving supplies is not just a greener option, it can also help reduce general mess. Cardboard boxes are bulky, and saving them can take up a lot of space. Yet simply throwing them away is a waste! (Note: if you have damaged moving supplies to toss, recycling is always the best option.)

Tips for your packing supplies

Here are ideas about what to do with the packing material you used:

  • Repurpose: Sturdy moving boxes make great storage containers, especially if you plan on utilizing a storage unit.
  • Reuse: If you don’t plan on staying in your new place long, it makes sense to break down the boxes and save them for your next move. Otherwise, check to see if any friends are moving soon who could use your boxes. You can also utilize social media to get the word out that you have boxes that others might want!
  • Keep: If you had custom packaging made, you’ll want to hold onto that. If you have space, it’s smarter to keep custom packaging. It was a bigger investment, and you never know when it could come in handy again.
  • Use packing supplies in fun activities with the kidsEntertain: If you have small children (or cats) you know how fun an empty cardboard box can be. Put a few to good use as entertaining projects like forts or castles.
  • Dispose: If you must dispose of your packing supplies, there are eco-friendly ways to do it. Take some time to research local recycling centers and their specific requirements. If you’re using a professional service, it’s likely that they’ll have all the information you need about recycling supplies post-move.
  • Utilize: Packing paper is a great example of getting more than one use out of something. While it may have protected your belongings on the trip, you can use it in the future to cover furniture and flooring while you paint – even if it’s damaged!
  • Save: You definitely don’t want to throw away equipment or protective gloves, screwdrivers, small hammers, etc., that you used while moving. These could be useful all sorts of future projects.
  • Reduce stress: Who can resist popping a sheet of bubble wrap? While it may not be “useful,” it sure is fun and stress-relieving. And if you’re not a big popper, you can save your bubble wrap to use for insulation.

Post-move plans

Making use or disposing of packing supplies after your move doesn’t have to be a hassle. Take these tips into consideration and enjoy your new home in its best form – without clutter!

To create as little waste as possible, learn more about how many moving boxes you’ll need for your specific move.