Lab moving services

Lab & Hospital Moving

We have lab moving down to a science.

Major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical facilities, and hospitals turn to JK Moving Services to move sensitive equipment, laboratories, and materials.

We offer complete lab relocation services. We provide specialized expertise in disassembling, moving, setting up labs, and moving work in progress with the utmost care to minimize downtime and disruptions, with:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical and biotech labs
  • Bio-safety cabinets, double stack and CO2 incubators, HPLCs, -80°degree lab freezers
  • Centrifuges, Tecan machines, microscopes
  • Secure glassware packing
  • Chemical and clean room equipment relocations
  • Refrigerated and frozen work-in-progress samples packing

Lab Equipment Moving Services.

  • Coordination for your entire move by a trained lab moving team 
  • Labeling, detailed inventory, and room planning for bench top set ups
  • Comp-U-Wrap® system: anti-static, two-ply bubble wrap for computers for maximum protection
  • Rolling carts to limit handling and jostling of high-value electronics
  • Custom packing and crating of lab equipment and supplies
  • Tailored packing solutions of refrigerated and frozen work-in-progress
  • Special trucks designed to move sensitive items
  • Climate-controlled vans 
  • Unpacking, un-crating, bench top set up
  • Chemical and clean room relocations
  • Pre and post move lab services (inventory, labeling, room planning, benchtop setups); debris removal

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