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Can moving companies be green?

It is not hard to imagine a multitude of companies where the implementation of “green” operational standards could make a huge difference. Manufacturing plants, wholesale operations, building construction, and thousands of other operations offer an abundant opportunity to make changes that reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, and use efficient methods to minimize energy use.

Moving companies offer a  unique opportunity to make a positive difference in their environmental impact. On any given day, trucks return to the JK Moving Services facility with items sanctioned for disposal, moving trash, or abandoned items needing to be removed from offices. While some companies might send this mixture of trash directly to the landfill, JK Moving Services has a system for identifying sorting and recycling items. Requiring time, resources, and energy, these items are tracked at every step of the process to make sure they are handled properly.

JK’s green moving practices

Cardboard items get bound for recycling Green Moving Companies environmental impact

Above, boxes and paper products are loaded into the binder that compresses and then binds the paper into a tight stack. These cardboard bundles are then sent for recycling.  If you happen to stop by the facility you can pick up boxes on a first come first serve basis before they are compressed for recycling. This means less paper products produced and wasted in the moving process.

Computers sorted for recycling Green Moving Companies environmental impact

Discarded electronics find their way to JK Moving Services in a variety of ways. Landlords may ask for a space to be cleared and computer equipment may be part of the items left behind. Business may ask specifically for JK Moving Services to pick up computers for disposal or abandoned stored items may include computer parts. However, the computer parts arrive they must be handled specially. They are sorted and then sent to facilities that wipe the hard drives and extracts metals that will be sent on to be melted. Computer monitors the process is similar as they are sent to vendors who are specialists in dealing with the various materials within the casing and are able to process them appropriately.

The auger at work Green Moving Companies environmental impact

Items that are not recyclable will be placed into an auger which reduces the space that the items will occupy in transport and in the landfill. The auger grinds, breaks, and blends materials rather effectively. When the discards have been processed, they are placed in a truck for transport.

In 2009, JK Moving Services diverted 2,714,927 pounds (1,357.46 tons) of recyclable materials from area landfills.  A staggering amount of trash considering it is a service company. Other efforts to reduce waste include “box-less moves” that eliminate boxes in office moves as well as making sure truck motor oil is recycled properly. Tractor-trailers have had generators installed to eliminate running the truck engine to power the cab.

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JK Moving Services not only practices good environmental behavior they strive to promote others as well. In March of 2009, JK Moving Services presented the Crystal City BID with the first annual “Moving Toward Sustainability” award. Chosen from a list of which included community partners, industry leaders, and Fortune 100 companies.

For JK Moving Services, a green footprint is the best step forward.