Sustainability at JK

Committed to environmental and community stewardship.

JK Moving is committed to sustainable, green moving practices, evident by the over 4.5 million pounds saved from landfills each year – that’s more than the weight of at least 150 elephants.

How is this done? By deploying numerous strategies and processes that support sustainability, including using plastic reusable crates; re-purposing inventory; and employing practices like Zero Waste, where all materials are recycled back into nature or the marketplace in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

JK’s BoxlessMove® is just one way we incorporate sustainability into our daily work. At our warehouses, we recycle paper, cardboard, and wood from our crates, and we use a compactor and auger to reduce the volume of the materials we send to the landfill.

Sustainability Task Force

Established in 2000, our employee-led Sustainability Task Force maintains strict environmental practices impacting our building and surroundings. The task force extends its efforts to our supply chain – with environmental impact and sustainability efforts serving as key criteria for supplier selection.

The Sustainability Task Force spearheaded a project, working with a carbon accounting partner, to calculate our emissions for 2023. This includes emissions from Scopes 1, 2, and 3. The report will be released publicly following the independent verification process. JK will also set and submit targets in alignment with SBTi.

Working to make moves good for the planet

JK employs these green, sustainable practices as standard protocol:

  • Energy-efficient lighting, heating, and windows in our buildings
  • EPA SmartWay and Energy Star programs
  • Green moving practices
  • Discard & donate program
  • Warehouse retrofits
  • Tesla trucks on order
  • Contributions to the JK Community Farm
  • Conservation easements established by JK Land Holdings