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Movers in Columbia, Maryland

We're in your neighborhood.

No distance is too short for our residential moving team. JK Moving Services provides professional service for all local moves in the Columbia area.

You’ve seen our trucks right here in Columbia, and you’ve heard from friends and neighbors. In Maryland, JK Moving Services is the local expert. We zero in on your needs, effectively managing your move and your stress. Of all the local moving companies you can choose, JK is one that understands what matters most.

Movers for Columbia communities

Practically since Columbia was a new place on the map, JK Moving Services has been helping Columbia residents relocate with less stress and surprises.

With our Maryland office located in Gaithersburg and a dedicated sales team serving Columbia and surrounding communities, we know your neighborhood.

More important, our 30+ years of moving experience means we understand what’s matters most to you. We get the big things right - like being on time, keeping you informed, and having back-up trucks immediately available should the unexpected happen. And we get the little things right, like making sure your most precious items get there safe and sound and that your floors are protected from damage during the move.

Interstate, local, or international, your move will be managed professionally from day one.

When we estimate your project, your Columbia move consultant will visit your home and review your space and your furnishings. He or she will take note of oversized furnishings and high-value items that might take extra care to properly pack and load. The consultant will also look for things like narrow hallways and stairways, which might need special attention. Your move consultant will account for your destination; whether or not you want to pack yourself or you want us to pack for you; and whether items will need to go into storage. Then he or she will provide you with an estimate that breaks everything down: your mileage, the amount of time needed, the number and type of truck necessary, the number of crew members required.

From the estimate forward, you choose the services you need, and we take it from there.

Our moving professionals know everything there is to know about packing, loading, and moving. Before we pack or move a thing, we’ll protect your property by covering surfaces like carpets, doors, and door jambs in both your old and new spaces. And during your move, you can track your belongings in-transit thanks to our state-of-the-art GPS system.

Your full-service Columbia mover

Columbia is now one of Maryland’s most established and appealing communities, and we’re proud to say we were here at the start.

Here are just a few of the Maryland neighborhoods JK serves.