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Do you Have a Summer Renovation Going On?

Looking for a moving company to manage a renovation, reorganization, or relocation?  Look no further than to North America’s largest independent mover: JK Moving Services.

From dorm furniture to data centers, computer labs to rare book collections, JK has your moving needs covered. 

You’ll coordinate with experienced school and library movers to create a complete or phased relocation plan that’s right for you. This includes detailed logistics planning and budget controls, plus a plan for receiving, storing, delivering, and installing furniture, fixtures, and electronics.

Need to move one or several computer labs? Our experts will pack your equipment in our Comp-U-Wrap® system, perform a complete electronics disconnect and reconnect, and safely and securely dispose of unwanted equipment, recycling it where possible.


Need College Dorm Room Move-in Assistance?

While college move-in day is a proud moment for any parent, that does not mean it isn’t a day filled with stress and more than a little sadness.   Trying to get hundreds of freshmen in their dorm room can be an overwhelming task for your facilities team.  JK Moving offers move-in day services where our crew helps your crew move in personal affects of your new and returning students - making your move in day a little less stressful.  We set up stations outside of the dorm houses where we will receive/unload, label and deliver students personal items to their dorm room directly in a planned, organized fashion.

Knowledge of your world

Your institution serves hundreds, even thousands, of people in the public eye. JK keeps the risk of accidents, mishaps, and disruptions to a minimum with:

  • IOMI® certified moving teams and trained technical crews for science lab relocations
  • Trucks designed for the transport of sensitive items, climate-controlled vans, and vehicles with air-ride suspension
  • Post-move debris removal

To maximize efficiency and peace of mind, we’ll support your busy teachers, professors, and professional staff with packing and unpacking assistance, training, and an easy-to-follow labeling system. We can even assist with student moving if needed.

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