University and school relocation

University and College Movers

From dorm furniture to laboratories, from IT equipment to rare book collections, trust a 40-year veteran in school moves. 

Managing hundreds of students returning to campus is tough enough to begin with. Add in the chances of elevators breaking down, students marching up and down stairs while juggling furniture, and everything gets a hundred times more challenging. University student movers like JK Moving are here to make the whole process simpler and stress-free. Learn more about our university and college moving services below.

Why choose JK?

University and college relocation & move-in services.

University moving services
Student move-in logistics

  • Stations set up for receiving and unloading student belongings outside dorms.
  • Labeling and direct delivery of students' items to dorm rooms.
  • Streamlined dorm item organization and delivery.
Specialized handling for library and gymnasium relocations.
Facility relocation services

  • The detailed procedure of disassembly and reinstallation of furniture.
  • Packing, relocating, and reconnecting technology and lab equipment.
  • Specialized handling for library and gymnasium relocations.
Storage facility
Storage management solutions

  • Access to climate- and humidity-controlled warehousing.
  • 24/7/365 inventory tracking and access via customer portal.
  • Eco-friendly, secure disposal of surplus furniture and equipment.


The move went great. JK's team were wonderful to work with. Using the Zoom link to see what was being packed up was very helpful. I recommend JK Moving to other parents in case they needed a moving service. You were a life saver during a very chaotic time.

Julie P.
Dorm room packing & shipping

You guys were so helpful and patient. Being told to vacate my daughter's dorm when she was already here in LA left us feeling very uncertain of how to handle it. JK provided a solution that was terrific. Everyone was patient and available to communicate whenever I needed them.

Mike K.
Dorm room packing & shipping

Our move was a bit problematic as there was a lot of uncertainty on our end due to issues with the new leased property. Our sales rep and move team were very professional and a pleasure to work with as well. You will be our first call when we have a need in the future.

Amy S. - Catholic Distance University
Office Move

JK movers helped us when we moved my daughter into her dorm. We were worried about how long it would take to move all of her things into her room, but JK’s team at the campus were great! They were friendly and professional and made moving her stuff so easy – we barely had to lift a finger! Thanks, JK!

Rose K.
Dorm room move

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