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Moving to a new home? Here are your top 4 sustainable moving tips

Sustainable Moving

As people become more aware of our impact on the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable practices have spread through all business industries, including the moving industry. For example, JK employs many sustainable moving tactics, including recycling paper, cardboard, and the wood from our crates; using paper-free driver and fuel tax reporting logs; and reusing engine oil as a heating source in our vehicle maintenance facility.

Residential moves don’t necessarily have to have a large environmental impact. If you plan right, your next household move can be a sustainable one.

1. Donate Unwanted Items

If you have fewer items to move, you’ll need fewer packing and moving material, so sort through your belongings before you move. Consider donating books to libraries, computers to schools, and clothes, household goods, and furniture to donation centers. Or host a yard sale to make a quick profit while getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

2. Collect Recycled Moving Boxes

Gently used boxes can offer similar quality to new boxes for less money or even for free. See if your mover offers used boxes—JK offers gently used cardboard boxes for free to booked customers on a first-come, first-served basis.  Other alternatives may include liquor stores, restaurants, and office supply stores, which typically receive goods in cardboard boxes. Call ahead to ask, but many of these locations will give you boxes for free.

3. Rent Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are used widely for commercial moves, so consider them when you move residences. There are companies who will rent them for household moves as well. Companies such as Rentacrate and Lend a Box service the northern Virginia and D.C. area. These moving crate rental companies deliver the plastic containers to you to pack. Then when your move is complete and your bins are unpacked, they pick them up for you.

4. Reduce Vehicle Use

Trucks and other vehicles are major pollutants. Most likely, you won’t be able to avoid using a truck to move your household, however reducing the environmental impact of that truck is doable. Following the tips above will help lower the number of vehicle trips you need to make during your move. Also, the trucks at certain moving companies are more environmentally sustainable than others. All of JK’s trucks exceed EPA emissions standards.

In addition to downsizing and using recycled cardboard boxes or plastic containers, research the sustainable initiatives local moving companies practice. JK Moving is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. You can commit to going green too.