Residential Moving

Government relocation frequently asked questions

Tips and advice to make your government relocation successful.

What’s a pre-move survey and weight estimate?

It’s a survey, conducted in your home prior to your move, which determines the weight of your belongings and what it will require to pack and move them.

How do you determine the weight of my household goods?

Simple: We weigh our truck before and after we load it. You’re welcome to observe if you like.

What if the moving van includes someone else’s shipment?

Any items in the moving vehicle that aren’t yours will be pre-weighed so they won’t count in the weight of your move.

How much of my shipment will the government pay for?

The government may cover up to 18,000 pounds, depending upon your service grade.

Are there items I shouldn’t ship?

Yes—personal items and hazardous materials, to name a few. Please review this comprehensive list before you pack.

How do I arrange pick-up and delivery dates, and who unloads and unpacks my household goods? Do I need to be present when the van is unloaded?

Just call your relocation counselor to schedule pick-up and delivery. Full-time JK employees manage local moves and AMSA– or FIDI/FAIM-certified partners manage long-distance and international moves.

We recommend that you or a friend, family member, or spouse be present to accept your delivery.

What is valuation, and is it included in the move?

Valuation coverage protects belongings during transit or storage. “Base value” coverage is included. The amount it covers (measured in dollars-per-pound) varies by agency.

Is base value enough coverage for me?

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to estimate what your goods are worth, and talk to JK about additional protection.

What happens if something is lost or damaged?

Your move coordinator will provide you with a claims form and any additional assistance you need.

What are accessorial services?

These include crating and appliance servicing—anything beyond the actual packing, transport, and unpacking of your items.

May I put my goods into storage?

Yes, if authorized by your agency, and typically for up to 90 days.

What if I need to store my goods for a longer period of time?

After 180 days, the government will stop paying for your storage. Talk to your move coordinator if you think you’ll need extra time.

How can I rate your performance?

The Department of Defense or the government agency you work for will issue you a survey form to complete.