Residential Moving

Employee relocation frequently asked questions

Information to ensure a stress-free employee relocation

Helpful hints about the residential moving part of your employee relocation.

How far in advance should a moving company be booked?

The earlier, the better. Allow at least three to four weeks’ notice for the relocation company to develop an estimate and schedule your employee’s move.

What’s the best time of year to move?

If possible, avoid scheduling moves in the last week of the month. And be aware that peak season, which runs from May to September, tends to be the busiest.

Is it possible to close on a home and move on the same day?

Yes, but not advisable. Even with a house closing scheduled for early in the day, the moving team wouldn’t be able to start until at least noon. This pushes the move into the evening—or the next day.

What about traveling to a new location on the day of the move?

We strongly advise against it. A final walk-through of the home an employee is leaving might take longer than expected, and disrupt travel plans.

Can new furniture be delivered or services set up on moving day?

Adding another delivery or contractor to a busy moving site may impede progress. We recommend scheduling these extra deliveries and services for after the move.