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Employee relocation: The JK supplier network

Employee relocation

Delivering peace of mind, anywhere in the world

You can entrust JK with your employee relocation programs—and staff productivity and happiness. We respect that trust by partnering with a supplier network of interstate and international movers who are just as committed to quality as we are.

Companies we work with must be licensed and bonded, with a quarterly claims ratio of less than 10 percent, and our international moving partners must be FIDI/FAIM certified. We regularly grade suppliers before, during, and after each move on criteria including:

  • Customer satisfaction and communications skills
  • On-time pick-up and delivery
  • The quality of their packing, loading, and unpacking
  • Compliance, invoicing, and claims accuracy
  • The timeliness of their documents (within 10 days of delivery) and claims information
  • Through our easy-to-use, mobile-optimized portal, you’ll be able to track milestones and generate reports on demand.

Ensuring quality at every step

JK keeps interstate and international relocations on track by getting you the right information, right away. We check and recheck charges for accuracy. After the paperwork is delivered, we audit and process it without delay. And if claims arise, we work to settle them within 30 days of filing.

Auditing that’s all about accuracy and accountability

To ensure accuracy and that suppliers continue to perform, we grade them before, during, and after your move. Suppliers are graded on various aspects throughout the move, including customer satisfaction, on-time pick ups and deliveries, quality of packing, loading, and unpacking, communication skills, invoicing accuracy, and the timeliness with which they hand in delivery documents and claims information. Prices and charges are checked and rechecked to ensure you’re not overpaying and to make sure there aren’t any billing errors. Milestones, charges, and evaluations are tracked online via JK’s own easy-to-use reporting tool that enables you to generate reports.

Delivery documents delivered on time

JK requires all suppliers to submit delivery documents within 10 days after delivery. Paperwork is immediately audited and processed for payment—ensuring your organization will receive everything you need without delay.


Should there be any claims submitted, JK works to settle claims quickly and accurately, within 30 days of filing. Our supplier report card is built upon multiple factors including supplier compliance regarding invoicing and claims.