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Get to know DJ Kochhar, HR Specialist

We recently sat down with DJ Kochhar, an HR specialist at JK Moving Services. He shared some insights about his career journey and a few things potential future HR specialists may want to know about going into the field.

Starting out in Human Resources

DJ Kochhar with members of JK's Training teamEven before he graduated from college, DJ knew he wanted to go into Human Resources, drawn to the field by the perfect balance of working with people and data – his two favorite things. What specifically attracted DJ to JK Moving were the opportunities presented to participate in many HR-related activities. But what he likes most is the people. He explained that working with people he not only gets along with but loves to be around makes the time fly by.

DJ’s life outside the career

Twenty-six years ago, DJ Kochhar was born in India. Shortly after, his family moved to Northern Virginia, where he was raised. His entire family still lives in the area. He enjoys watching basketball, as well as spending time with friends and family, and being around people in general.

One of DJ’s biggest personal achievements is getting his master’s degree in industrial psychology, a sub-branch of psychology that focuses on the work aspect of a person’s life. This discipline aims to better understand and optimize the effectiveness, health, and well-being of individuals and organizations in the workplace. This shows just how people-driven DJ is. He explained that pursuing this degree has allowed him to learn a lot, which he then applies to his position at JK, allowing him to gain further experience in the field he’s so passionate about. It also lets him work closely with a wide range of people within the organization, including in senior management. It has empowered him to branch out and form new connections and relationships with his colleagues.

Advice for developing HR Specialists

We asked DJ if he had any specific advice for those going into the HR field. He had the following to say:

“Just try a bunch of different things; you don’t know what you’re going to like. HR is a broad field. There are many different things to do. It’s always a new challenge every single day. So just get in there, try new things, and then see what you like.”

DJ believes that if the HR field interests you, don’t get too tied down to one specific aspect of it. “If you find that you’re struggling with one type of HR work, do some research into the other branches available. If it’s something you’re passionate about, there will be something out there for you. Stick with it, and eventually, you’ll be able to get into the swing of things in a way that allows you to utilize your specific talents. When working in an HR position, you’re presented with the opportunity for continuous growth, even on a daily basis,” according to DJ. There’s always something new to learn and many opportunities to better yourself and reach new heights.

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