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Get to know Stephen Hall, Assistant GM JK Maryland

Stephen Hall joined the JK Moving team in May of 2022, and he hasn’t looked back since. What he loves about the team is exactly what we love – how connected everyone is, and how passionate they are about moving. He says it’s like a second family, leading the team in Maryland. He loves it when someone outside of the organization knows what JK is and all that we stand for.

Stephen is passionate about moving and helping people. When asked for three words that describe him, he told us “driven, accountable, and unrelenting” – and we see those values in him every day.

Career beginnings

Stephen began his career in logistics at the age of 19. He worked for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Georgia, then served in the Air Force as an Air Transportation Specialist. It was in the Air Force that his love for moving people and goods around the world had a chance to flourish.

After working again for Delta for over 10 years, JK reached out to him with an opportunity to be a leader in the moving industry, shifting his focus from airplanes to trucks. He couldn’t pass up the chance to further his logistics career on the ground after being in the air for so long.

Career milestones and life goals

One of the biggest milestones of Stephen’s career is his completion of the deployment and return of the Maryland National Guard in 2021. During COVID, the MDNG was set to deploy out of Baltimore Thurgood Marshall International Airport via Delta Air Lines, and he was the lead operations manager for Delta at that time. Because of his position, he helped coordinate their smooth departure and return.

Another great milestone was when Governor Larry Hogan came to send off the troops – Stephen helped organize that event and the flight itself. After completing his own service, he felt honored to be a part of theirs.

As for his future goals, he wants to complete a Master of Science in Economics (he already holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Economics) to further his understanding of people, places, and how the world comes together.

Stephen also has colorful dreams for retirement. One day, he hopes to own his own vineyard in Italy, one of his favorite places in the world to visit.

What makes Stephen interesting

There are plenty of things that make Stephen interesting, but here’s something that people might not know about him: “When I worked for Delta Air Lines, I traveled to many countries and used to fly internationally just to collect passport stamps. I have been to Argentina, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, England, France, Ireland, and Italy. The shortest trip I ever took was to Rome, Italy for three hours, although I did return four more times to properly visit.”

Stephen’s life outside of JK

Stephen Hall self portraitStephen comes from a large mixed family, complete with six siblings of which he is the oldest. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Irish and English. He’s not married, but he and his girlfriend have been together for over a year and often travel together.

Stephen loves photography and started a photography business, Grey Tail Photos, while serving in the Air Force. He was thrilled to be given permission to complete a small, behind-the-scenes photoshoot of a Secret Service mission. His other photos include historic protests in Washington DC, small towns in Italy, air shows, and the DC Cherry Blossom Festival.