Community Impact

JK Moving Services recognized as a 2017 WasteWise winner

By Amy Mergler

We are pleased to report that JK Moving Services was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a 2017 WasteWise winner. The EPA acknowledged the prevention and diversion accomplishments of JK and 15 other WasteWise national award winners, who collectively prevented and recycled more than 355,801 tons of waste, saving $17.7 million in avoided landfill fees.

“This is yet another excellent example of the EPA partnering with communities and organizations to achieve environmental and economic benefits through waste prevention and management. The WasteWise award winners have exemplified tremendous environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility, and we commend their efforts,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

JK Moving Services is a proud proponent and champion of sustainability and reuse programs throughout the company and has been since the company opened its doors in 1984. It began with reusing oil that became the heating source for vehicle maintenance facilities, which led to upgrades in lighting packages throughout JK’s facilities, equipping them with energy-efficient incandescent bulbs and features like automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors. Controls such as timers and photocells save electricity by turning lights off when not in use.

JK publishes a report annually to reflect the results of our eco-friendly practices and to benchmark against future successes. Employees are encouraged to bring new ideas to these efforts and to consider daily and long-term practices that impact the company’s reduction of our carbon footprint. During 2016, JK diverted more than 3.7 million pounds (1,869 tons) of materials away from area landfills through recycling and repurposing initiatives. The reported results included:

  • Mixed Paper – 1,079,940 pounds
  • Metal – 1,474,540 pounds
  • Corrugated cardboard – 498,740 pounds
  • Furniture – 373,850 pounds
  • Code 2/Wood – 262,060 pounds
  • Electronic waste – 47,236 pounds
  • Mixed plastics – 1,760 pounds

The JK Commercial Services Division has donated discarded office supplies and used furniture to benefactors such as not-for-profit associations, churches, teachers, and community involvement institutions.

“JK is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We operate an aggressive fleet reuse program, recycling anti-freeze and batteries for trucks and forklifts, and reusing engine oil for heating our maintenance facility. Most recently, we placed orders for multiple Tesla Semi all-electric day cab tractors that will further our carbon emissions-reduction goals,” said Charles Kuhn, Founder, President, and CEO, JK Moving Services.