Our Impact

Our Impact

Your sustainable, service-focused moving partner.

In our communities and our business practices, JK employees live out our core values of care and respect every day, to make the world a better and healthier place for all.

Fewer boxes, big benefits

What happens when a moving company uses plastic reusable crates, repurposes inventory, and employs practices like Zero Waste, where all materials are recycled back into nature or the marketplace in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner? 

You get a moving experience that’s good for the planet and your peace of mind.

JK’s BoxlessMove® is just one way we incorporate sustainability into our daily work. At our warehouses, we recycle paper, cardboard, and the wood from our crates, and we use a compactor and auger to reduce the volume of the materials we send to the landfill. (Read more in our annual sustainability report.)

In addition:

  • Our moving blankets are made from recycled fabrics.
  • Our driver and fuel tax reporting logs are paper-free.
  • Throughout our facilities, motion sensors help us control lighting and conserve energy.
  • The power units on our tractor trailers use environmentally friendly generators to reduce idling.
  • Every truck we have ever purchased exceeds existing emissions standards, thanks to our industry partnerships with Volvo and Freightliner.
  • We reuse antifreeze as well as forklift and vehicle batteries.
  • We retread tires to ensure optimal fuel use.
  • We recycle engine oil as a heating source at our maintenance facility.

Sharing the responsibility

Our customers want to reduce their carbon footprints as well. During residential and commercial moves, we help individuals and organizations:

  • Sort through what they want to keep, sell, purge, or recycle before the move
  • Donate gently used furniture to charitable organizations
  • Recycle and/or disposing of electronic parts though our eCycle electronic waste disposal program
  • Host onsite electronics and furniture recycling events 
  • Securely destroy documents they no longer need, and recycle what we shred

JK Community Farm

In 2018, recognizing a need within the Loudoun County community and beyond, JK Moving opened the JK Community Farm to help families struggling with food insecurity. The 150-acre farm provides sustainably grown organic produce and protein to hunger relief organizations and shelters in the Washington, DC metro area.

The farm grows produce without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and its many sustainable agricultural features include:

  • A compost system
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drip irrigation

With the help of corporate and community volunteers, the farm harvested and donated more than 52,000 pounds of fresh produce during its first year of operation. The farm works to increase access to fresh produce and protein to the food insecure through educational programs, corporate team building initiatives, and community gardening activities.

Committed to our communities

At JK, we move people far and wide—but we never lose sight of what matters most. Through donations, in-kind service, and volunteering, we support direct services to people in need, accessible education for people of all ages and backgrounds, and assistance to U.S. service members, military families, veterans, and first responders. We currently work with:

  • All Ages Read Together
  • Boulder Crest Retreat
  • Fight for Children
  • Mobile Hope
  • National Brain Tumor Society
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Operation Smile Honduras
  • Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now)
  • Toys for Tots
  • Wreaths Across America

To suggest another worthy cause, contact us.