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The most accurate way to estimate your move is to come to your home and see your space and your furnishings.


Maybe all your furniture is oversized, but you live in a narrow home with narrow hallways and narrow circular staircases. Our estimates will account for that. Or perhaps you live in an all glass house, with very fragile furniture. Our estimates will account for that as well. We'll also account for whether you are moving down the street, across the state, from coast-to-coast, or around the world. We have estimated hundreds of thousands of jobs. We are meticulous trackers of hours and time. And all that experience, along with seeing your place in person, goes into giving you the most accurate estimate possible. Best of all, all estimates are free. Set up your free consultation with an experienced JK move consultant today by calling 703-260-4282. Toll Free: 1-800-673-8487.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do you come up with an accurate estimate? 

A JK move consultant will visit your home and take a look at your space and your furnishings. He or she will take note of oversized furnishings and high-value items that might take some time to properly pack and load. Your move consultant will also look for things like narrow hallways and stairways, which might add extra time. Your move consultant will account for your destination; whether or not you want to pack yourself or you want us to pack for you; and whether or not items will need to go into storage. Then he or she will provide you with an estimate that breaks everything down: your mileage, the number of hours needed, the number and types of trucks necessary, the amount of crew members required, and the estimated weight of your shipment.

What is the difference between an interstate and
an intrastate move?

An interstate move is a move between two different states. And an intrastate move is a move within one state. Every state has its own regulations by which JK needs to abide. But when a move happens between two different states, JK follows regulations set by federal law.

What is the difference between a local and long distance move?

It depends, because every move is different. JK Moving Services is based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. So any move within this area is considered to be a local move. Whether you are moving from Alexandria, VA to Bethesda, MD or Washington, DC to Frederick, MD, it is still considered a local move. If you are moving from Springfield, VA to Durham, NC, it is considered to be a long-distance, interstate move. Talk to your move coordinator. He or she can help you figure out what type of move you're making and will also know the various state and federal regulations JK will need to follow based upon your move.

What is the difference between a "non-binding" and a "binding estimate"?

Non-binding estimates are not bids or contracts. A non-binding estimate is an approximation of the cost based on the mover's survey of the items to be moved, with the final cost determined after the shipment is weighed. Since a non-binding estimate is based on the actual weight of your shipment (rather than the estimated weight), the price will usually be lower than a binding estimate. When you receive a non-binding estimate there is no guarantee that the final cost will not be more than the estimate. Under a non-binding estimate, the mover cannot require you to pay more than the amount of the estimate, plus 10 percent, (or 110% of the estimate amount) at the time of delivery. If services or quantities were not included in your estimate, you are then obligated to pay any remaining charges over and above 110%, 30 days after your shipment is delivered.

Many movers also provide binding estimates. A binding estimate means that you are obligated to pay the price set forth in the binding estimate even if the shipment weighs more than or less than the estimated amount. All binding estimates cover only the goods and services listed on the estimate. If you add items or request additional services, the mover may revise the original estimate before your shipment is loaded or, if you request additional services after your shipment is in transit, your mover will bill you for these added services 30 days after your shipment is delivered, if they were not included in your estimate. In addition, all movers reserve the right to charge for services necessary to accomplish delivery, even if those services are not requested by the shipper. For example, additional charges will apply if you are not prepared to accept delivery and the shipment is placed in storage, or if a smaller (shuttle) truck must be used to accomplish delivery because your new home is located on a narrow street. Again, your mover will bill you for these services 30 days after your shipment is delivered, if they were not included in your estimate.

What is a "not-to-exceed" estimate?

Another type of estimate used by many movers is the Not-to-exceed estimate. This type of estimate is called various things by various movers, such as Guaranteed Price or Price Protection, but the end result is the same—an estimate based on a binding estimate or on actual cost, whichever is lower. Like a binding estimate, a not-to-exceed estimate must be provided to you in writing and is binding on the carrier. Not-to-exceed estimates differ though in that the binding estimate amount becomes the maximum amount that you will be obligated to pay for the services listed on the estimate. This maximum amount alternates with the tariff charges applicable based on the actual weight of the shipment, with the customer paying the lesser of the two amounts. When you accept a not-to-exceed estimate, the move is performed at actual weight based on the tariff rate levels, with the binding estimate representing the maximum charge that you will have to pay.

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