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Residential Moving

Senior Moving Services

We’re experts in senior living relocations. Trust the experience and knowledge of our team of senior moving specialists for stress-free senior living transitions.


Why JK?

We know it’s not just about moving boxes; it’s about moving people and moving lives

Elderly couple savoring quality time in the comfort of their home.

Why JK?

We know it’s not just about moving boxes; it’s about moving people and moving lives

Our experienced team of senior move specialists provides personalized solutions to alleviate the stress of navigating senior relocations. We offer a complete range of moving services tailored to meet the unique needs of you or your loved one. By listening, caring, and showing respect, JK helps seniors make smooth transitions and settle comfortably into their new homes.

Experts in senior moving

JK Moving offers comprehensive, stress-free senior relocation services for you or your loved ones, all based on our brand promise of care and respect.

Senior couple in their new home

Moving yourself or a loved one

We've been in the moving business for over 40 years and understand the unique needs seniors have when downsizing later in life. Whether you require a full-service experience, or simply need someone to do the heavy lifting, you can count on our highly trained senior moves team.

Helping senior loved one with technology

Specialized solutions

We offer a complete range of moving services tailored to meet the unique needs of you or your loved one. A dedicated senior move manager will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan and offer solutions for every aspect of your senior moving experience.

Retired duo relishing hot beverages on a bench at assisted living residence.

Senior living community moves

We’ve been a preferred senior moving service provider for prominent active adult communities for more than a decade, and our moving teams include members of the National Association for Senior Move Managers.

What matters most to you, matters most to us

Professional mover with a box, facilitating a residential relocation.

Peace of mind

We train our employees in our house, not your house, with every employee receiving ongoing training each year. All employees are background-checked and drug-tested, 100% of the time.

JK Moving professional wrapping dishes

Care and protection

We take steps to protect your belongings that other movers don’t. Your belongings are protected at the very beginning, and aren't unwrapped until your final destination. Every time.

A JK Moving coordinator speaks with a client about her move

24/7 customer service

Your calls to customer service are answered by a live voice 24/7. Manage your move with our top-rated mobile app, where you can access all files and move documentation.

Warehouse storage

Secure storage

Safeguard and store the possessions you value most in our secured storage facilities with 24/7 video surveillance and options for climate-controlled storage.


Real people. Real senior moves.

JK Moving helped my mother move from a 4000+ sqft home in Colorado to South Carolina. Pirouz from JK was wonderful, arriving early morning in Colorado for a walkthrough.

Allison D.

I hired JK Moving to relocate my mother to her Leesburg, Virginia retirement condo. The crew was fantastic, providing flawless, low-stress 5-star service. Thank you, JK!

Michael B

Choosing JK moving was the best choice we made when moving my parents. Marvin and his crew made moving very easy. They listened and understood our needs.

Kenna G.

JK Moving has moved families like yours from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and throughout the United States for over 40 years.

Moving a loved one

You can have a positive impact on your loved one’s senior transition.

Seniors - visiting after the move

Before the move

FOCUS ON PERSONALIZING THEIR NEW HOME - Moving to a new home can be a source of anxiety, particularly for seniors. As they exchange familiar personal space for a new environment keep their concerns in mind as you help them downsize. When they cannot bring all their possessions to a new home, at least some of their most important and prized possessions should have a place. As you start talking to them about the move, be sure to ask which items are most important to making them feel at home.

Elderly couple observing moving day activities through a window with anticipation.

On moving day

SET ASIDE VALUABLES AND NECESSITIES - Certain items should always travel with your loved ones and not in the moving truck, like cash, jewelry, legal documents, and medical records. They'll also want quick access to the necessities while their belongings are being unpacked at their new home. Things like phone chargers, laptops, toiletries, clothes, and more can be placed into a separate box and labeled "Necessities".

Grandparents sharing joyful moments with their grandchildren.

After the move

VISIT SOON - One way to help seniors feel at home is to visit them in person soon after they move. The opportunity to have guests helps establish that a new space is not just a waystation but a home that belongs to them. This is true even if they have moved into a room in your home. By visiting them in their designated space, with their permission, you help them recover the feeling of ownership they had when they were living on their own.

Senior moving resources

JK’s senior moving specialists will offer valuable guidance and support throughout the relocation process but in the meantime here are some valuable resources.

Helping older adults decide when move to a new home

Researchers have identified at least 88 different potential factors that influence whether and when older adults move. Some of those factors are financial, such as whether they can afford the housing costs where they live. Others are related to mobility, such as whether they need help with performing daily activities. Yet others are social and psychological, including how close they are in proximity to friends and family, and whether they feel independent.

Helping seniors plan their move to a new home

Moving is a big decision for anyone, and particularly can be for a senior. There are so many factors to consider that just making the decision to move can seem like the hardest part. However, the move itself requires logistics, planning, and all the decision-making that entails. You can help reduce the anxiety your older loved one in many ways.

4 Tips to help senior parents downsize before a move

There comes a time when your older loved ones can no longer stay in their homes, and you’ll be tasked with helping them find a new place to live. Whether that means moving to a smaller home, an assisted living facility, or into your house, the process of downsizing for seniors can be an emotional and logistical challenge. We have some tips for reducing the stress that might result from this significant change.

Helping seniors after moving to a new home

Whether your senior loved one is downsizing to a new house or entering an assisted living facility, the decision to move is a big deal, one that’s laden with emotional complexity. There are numerous things you can do to help older adults adjust, starting with being patient and having empathy as they adjust to a new environment.