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International Freight Forwarding

For shipping your household, vehicle, and more, entrust the details to JK's international freight forwarding experts.

Global freight forwarding

Moving can feel overwhelming. And when you move internationally, there are more layers of complexity. There are typically multiple suppliers involved, diverse regulatory matters to manage, and unfamiliar terrain to navigate.

That's why JK Moving Services offers comprehensive freight forwarding services for clients relocating globally. As your expert freight forwarder, we will be your single point of contact and logistics manager at every phase of your international move.

Like a general contractor for your overseas relocation, we will serve as your intermediary with the diverse transportation providers and international freight forwarding services that may be involved with your move ─ from international air cargo providers to trucking companies, to rail freighters and ocean carriers.

We’ll also take care of legal issues and proper documentation so your move won’t be delayed or derailed by paperwork. We’ll even keep simple language barriers from causing miscommunications and headaches, because your contact will speak your native language and be up-to-date on your status.

Get JK Moving Services quality – anywhere you move

We start by gathering bids and negotiating the best possible prices with highly reliable international cargo companies and ground carriers. As an elite FAIM-certified provider, we select freight forwarding suppliers from the FIDI partner network, meaning that our partners have been held to the same rigorous standards that we are. Leveraging our network ensures that wherever in the world you move, you get the same high quality service you would receive from JK Moving Services in the U.S.

Then, we work with you to choose the best option to meet your budget and schedule.

Perhaps most important to your peace of mind, we manage all the administrative matters that come with international freight services, including insurance policies; itemized inventory lists and other customs documentation and clearances; and any storage arrangements that may be required.

The bottom line: as your expert freight forwarder, JK will ensure your belongings are delivered to the correct destination, on time and in good condition.

Shipping a car internationally

The decision to ship an automobile overseas isn’t simple. You’ll have compared the costs of shipping, taxes, duties, and even filling your gas tank overseas to simply purchasing – or doing without – a car once you arrive. But once you decide your car is going with you, JK Moving Services can take care of the details of international car transport, door-to-door and bumper-to-bumper.

As with all our global moving and freight forwarding services, first, we help you decide the best way to ship your vehicle and the best shipping partners to use. For example, we’ll help you decide whether to use container shipping or roll-on, roll-off shipping for your car.

International auto shipping via container

Container shipping is typically more expensive than roll-on, roll-off, but it generally provides the most protection because your vehicle is shipped inside its own container, isolated from most dings and scratches. If your vehicle is of very high value and you want to minimize the risk of damage – or if cost is less of a concern – container shipping is a good choice.

With container shipping, your vehicle will be secured, lashed, and loaded inside a crate-like container large enough to hold your automobile. Your vehicle will be secured with brackets and straps that are connected to the interior of the container, to reduce jostling or sliding inside the crate.

NOTE: some countries will allow you to use the car's interior to store additional cargo, and some will not. Your JK relocation specialist will help you sort through the regulations for your destination.

Roll-on, roll-off automobile shipping

The most cost-effective way to ship your vehicle is usually the roll-on, roll-off method. Instead of being secured inside an individual container, your vehicle will be parked and secured inside what is essentially a large, floating parking lot – driven on and driven off much like conventional, covered ferry transport.

Your vehicle will be secured to the deck with straps and bumpers to reduce the possibility of sliding or rolling during transport. Because there’s no container involved, this is often the fastest, simplest, and least expensive method.

Regardless of which method you choose, JK works with only the best international vehicle shipping companies who are bonded and fully licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and who take great care to keep your car protected. Once your car arrives at the destination, a JK Moving Services agent can receive the vehicle, inspect it, and manage hand-off to the ground transportation provider. JK manages door-to-door transportation of your vehicle, from your garage to the port and from the destination port to your new location.

Leave the details to JK

  • We oversee insurance issues, bills of lading, pre- and post-shipment inspections of your vehicle, import and export documentation, and customs clearance
  • We'll educate you on the diverse laws regarding what types and ages of vehicles may be imported/exported
  • We manage the tariffs, taxes, or duties related to transporting your vehicle as well as regulation of goods leaving the U.S.
  • We'll provide guidance on preparing your car for an overseas move, taking steps that might include draining the fuel tank, removing the battery, determining if you can store household goods in your car, and ensuring you have the right documentation for export/import

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