International Budget

Corporate Relocation Billing/Reporting

Transparency and accountability you can count on.

Moving costs, suppliers, and invoices can get complicated, especially during a long-distance or international employee relocation. At every step, JK and our sister company, CapRelo, make sure your company’s employees get the services you budgeted for and the quality experience they deserve, with auditing to back it up.

This includes:

  • Auditing quotes and invoices before and after moves
  • Checking and rechecking moving prices and charges
  • Measuring the timeliness, quality, communication skills, and invoicing accuracy of our suppliers

A team of dedicated experts

Our auditors are trained on all relevant tariffs and regulations—and committed to acting on your behalf.

Before your employee’s relocation, we’ll make sure that suppliers are fully compliant and prepared for the move, services fall within your company’s policy and budget, and all exceptions have been authorized. Afterward, our auditors will alert you quickly to any discrepancies—and notify our suppliers, too, to prevent future errors.

Technology-enabled efficiency and quality

From one employee relocation to a group move, JK puts technology to work for you.

Through CapConnectTM, our mobile-optimized platform, you’ll be able to:

  • Track every corporate relocation expense, charge, supplier, and milestone
  • Generate custom reports on demand
  • View supplier report cards  to ensure quality control and cost efficiency

And our systems are updated with the correct voucher and GBL forms to make billing quick and easy for everyone.