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Types of PCS military moves

If you are conducting a PCS military move (Permanent Change of Station), you may receive one of a few types of PCS orders. The government will pay for or reimburse military members for certain aspects of their PCS move, but each type has its own rules and regulations, so it is vital to plan your move according to the type of PCS order you receive. JK has moved thousands of service members over the years – including plenty of 3-star generals and admirals – so you can rest assured that we know all of the jargon used, and are experienced in being prepared for the unique challenges of military moves.

PCS military move

Personal and dependent travel

The government will cover you and your dependents’ travel costs from your current station to your new one. They may either issue you a ticket via common carrier (e.g. commercial airline, bus, taxi, train), or provide you money to travel via your privately-owned vehicle (POV).

Household goods (HHG) and vehicle shipment

The government gives you a weight limit based on your rank and family size, and allows you to ship that amount of your household goods to your station. This does not include your Pro-Gear, the professional equipment pertinent to your duties.

Dislocation allowance (DLA)

DLA will partially reimburse you for relocation expenses. It is not meant to cover the full cost of relocation; it is intended to cover aspects of the relocation not covered in other PCS orders.

Temporary lodging reimbursement

Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) and Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) are similar programs meant to partially reimburse you for additional costs you incur from house hunting or living in temporary quarters. TLE is mainly used in CONUS (Contiguous United States), while TLA is used OCONUS (Outside of CONUS).

During your PCS, stay in contact with your PPO (Personal Property Officer) and military move coordinator to be sure you understand what type of PCS order you received and how to effectively utilize it.

To request JK Moving Services as your carrier, use the designation code JKMS or contact JK’s Government Services business unit. You can also view JK’s terms to know for military moves to stay informed of all the acronyms and military jargon used during military moves.

NOTE: These rules and regulations can routinely change. We recommend speaking to your PPO or a professional military move coordinator to stay up to date with any rule changes.