Residential Moving

3x faster crew self-dispatching process for maximum efficiency

There’s a lot of value in being consistent.  For more than 35 years, JK dispatched crews the exact same way. The day prior to the delivery of service, the dispatch team determines and assigns resources for the specific job at hand. Whether it’s trucks and pallets, packers and boxes, or drivers and equipment, the JK Dispatch team gets it organized and ready to go. Then the Dispatch team prepared what we call “the batch” paperwork. The challenge? This is a lot of paper…a whole lot.  So, being mindful of environmental conservation, JK shifted course in a different direction.

JK Leads the Way with Self-Dispatching

JK is leading the way in the moving and storage industry by becoming a paperless company.  By reducing paper and operating in a “digital space,” JK dispatches faster.  This new self-dispatching process uses iPads and helps maximize efficiency and minimize paper. This win-win solution is both innovative and cost-effective.

In addition, crews use the iPads to scan barcodes that provide the information needed for the move that day. Team members have praised the move to digital dispatch. It’s clean, tight, quick. After just one week of implementation, dispatching times were three times faster than before — a dispatch operation that usually lasted an hour, now took only 20 minutes. The goal is to shorten the dispatch time to 10 minutes.

This new-found time previously used for dispatch now allows for supervisor check-ins. It also provides additional time to support and coordinate crews as they head out to customers’ homes. Our customers benefit from the process change as well. Some crews arrive up to 45 minutes earlier to the job site then with the previous dispatch operation.

Currently, JK uses the self-dispatching process for the Residential team in our Sterling headquarters office. We will expand the process to our other Commercial and Residential dispatch locations across the DMV once the process is streamlined.

JK strives to constantly improve. Being environmentally conscious and valuing efficiency ensures our customers receive unparalleled service.