Residential Moving

Moving season is here

Today is the first official day of summer (though we like to call it Moving Season). That means that moving companies around the nation are busier than any other time of the year. As you prepare to move, keep the following summertime moving tips in mind.

5 tips for a successful moving season

JK crew during moving season1. Avoid the end of the month.

The last week of a month will be the most hectic time for moving companies. Make sure that this date is available before making plans – your moving company may already be booked! Instead, try to schedule your move for the middle of the month.

2. Book your move with as much notice as possible during moving season.

Typically, we suggest customers book their move 2-3 weeks ahead. However, with the increased amount of moves in the summertime, you should book your move one month ahead at a minimum. This will ensure your selected moving company is available for your preferred move date.

3. Stay cool and refreshed.

Moving is tiring; more so when it is hot outside. If you will be moving on a hot day, turn on the A/C, put on lighter clothing, and keep plenty of ice-cold refreshments on hand.

4. Be wary of heat-sensitive items.

Some items should not be packed, especially in hot weather. Candles will melt in heat just like a candy bar left in a pocket or purse. When packing, always be sure that the items will not be damaged by heat. We have provided a list of items you should not pack.

5. Keep your delivery day clear of non-moving services.

Do not schedule appliance installations, house cleaners, etc., on the day of your delivery. This day is for receiving your belongings and making sure all items were properly transported to your new home. Your movers will be traveling in and out of the home and will be safest and fastest when they have a clear path in which to operate.

While considering these tips for your move, we invite you to contact JK about a free quote to get you started this moving season. We look forward to moving you this summer!