Community Impact

Celebrating 5 years of the JK Community Farm's journey to 1 million pounds of food for those in need

Located in Purcellville, Virginia, the JK Community Farm has been making a big difference in the fight against hunger. Starting small five years ago, the Farm has grown steadily and now reached an impressive milestone: donating one million pounds of food.

Since its beginning, the JK Community Farm has been dedicated to helping those in need. From growing and donating 50,000 pounds of food in year one to hitting the one million-pound mark, the Farm has expanded its efforts to make sure those in need in our community have access to fresh, healthy food.

“It’s exciting to be part of the growth of the JK Community Farm and see its impact on fighting hunger in our region. In addition to growing crops, we are also working to engage the community through meaningful nonprofit partnerships, volunteer opportunities, field trips and food education programs,” explained Samantha Kuhn, Executive Director, JK Community Farm. “We look forward to the farm expanding, thriving, and serving even more people and the community in years to come.”

Community engagement

JK Community Farm volunteers Relying on a staff of three and teams of volunteers,  the JK Community Farm has been able to grow and donate more and more food each year. During its first year in operation, the Farm hosted approximately 200 volunteers. Last year, over 5,000 community volunteers helped plant and harvest organic, chemical-free food, and their support has been crucial to the Farm’s success.

Local companies and nonprofits also have played a big role in supporting the Farm’s mission. In addition to support from JK Moving Services, generous donations from organizations like Truist, Charlson Bredehoft Cohen & Brown, Joseph E Roberts Charitable Trust, Joyce Van Lines, and Virginia Easement Exchange, along with events like the annual Plant-A-Thon, have helped raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Educational initiatives

Beyond providing food to those struggling with hunger, the JK Community Farm also is focused on educating people about food justice and healthy eating. The Farm’s hands-on educational programs help kids and their families learn more about the connection between soil, plants, people, and health. The curriculum complements the Farm’s field trip program, which sprouted during COVID and now is a staple for many local schools.

As the JK Community Farm celebrates five years and one million pounds of donated food, it’s clear that their impact is only growing. With continued support from the community and partnerships, they’re making a real difference in the fight against hunger.