Residential Moving

What to do while movers are working in your home

There’s nothing better than letting a professional moving company take the reins on moving day – but you still have a few responsibilities to manage!

Helping your move go smoothly is a team effort. Many homeowners wonder how they can chip in as the movers are doing their thing, so here are some tips:

Be present

It’s important for you to be present at your home on moving day. If it’s not possible, find someone to be there in your place, like a friend or a family member – just make sure they’re dependable, trustworthy, and can stay on site for the entire day.

Someone needs to be present to answer any questions the movers may have and perform the rest of the tasks listed below. If you can’t be there, you should be just a call away for the person who’s there in your place.

Get (and share) parking information

movers in your homeIt’s up to you to figure out where the movers should park before they arrive. If you’re moving to a single-family home, or you live in one currently, it’s probably best for the movers to park in the driveway.

Make a note of the fact that some HOAs have rules surrounding where a moving truck can park and how long they can stay. Get familiar with these rules before moving day is upon you.

Similarly, if you live in or are moving to an apartment complex, figure out parking with the property manager before the big day.

The most convenient thing to do is stand outside as the movers arrive so you can direct the driver on where to park.

Clear the way

Before the movers get to your house, do a walk-through to make sure that the path to every exit is clear. Move any and all obstructions out of the way – from furniture to kids’ toys to garden hoses.

If you’re moving during the winter, make sure to shovel a path that the movers can easily travel and spread salt to stay on the safe side.

Keep pathways clear during the day, as your movers are transporting heavy and/or large items and might not always be able to see where they’re walking.

Give a tour

Give your movers a tour as soon as they arrive. This helps them get familiar with the space, and it also gives you a chance to point out items that you think might be difficult to move or those that are notably fragile.

During the tour, point out the restrooms in your home and where they can get water and refreshments. End your tour by showing the movers the exits of your home and pointing out any potential hazards that they could run into.

Be a good host

Remember that the movers have a big job ahead of them. When they arrive, the polite thing to do is offer water and/or coffee, and have snacks on hand for them to choose from throughout the day. At mealtime, you might offer to buy pizza or sandwiches as a kind gesture.

If it’s hot outside, make sure the inside of your home is cool. Adjust your thermostat lower or set up fans. If the weather is cold, do what you can to keep your home warm.

Occupy the kids (and pets!)

packing supplies - pup in boxMovers will be busy moving large, heavy items all day. The last thing we want is for your children to get hurt. We understand that they’re curious, but it’s best for everyone if you keep them occupied with crafts, games, or electronic devices. Even better, have them spend time at a relative or neighbor’s house for the day.

The same can be said for pets. To prevent them from bolting out of the open doors, see if they can spend time with a friend or family member, or place them in their kennel/crate with plenty of food and water.

Be available

Professional movers are just that – professional. They know what they’re doing when it comes to packing and moving items, so resist the urge to step in and help.

What you can do is be available to answer questions and resolve issues. Give the movers your phone number so you’re never out of reach.

Once the moving truck is loaded, make sure the movers have the right address for your new place and provide directions on how to get there if necessary.

Also make note that tips aren’t expected, but they are always very much appreciated.


Moving can be overwhelming, but professional movers can take the weight off your shoulders. Follow these suggestions to help make your move day successful.