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FIDI global network and Customs guidelines

For international moves, FIDI sets the bar

There are numerous moving companies throughout the world. How do you find the best ones for an overseas move? You start with FIDI/FAIM, the gold standard for international moving.

JK Moving Services is proud to be one of only 31 U.S. companies certified by FIDI/FAIM. To obtain FIDI Mover certification, our team members must complete the organization’s rigorous training programs. Additionally, we select suppliers through FIDI/FAIM, which means that our partners are held to the same rigorous standards as we are. It’s the only way to ensure that the high-quality service you receive from JK in the United States is the same on the ground in your new country.


Based in Europe, FIDI establishes guidelines, quality control programs, and training for movers across the U.S. In the late 1990s, FIDI created FAIM (FIDI-Accredited International Mover), a strict program that keeps international moving companies abreast of current rules, regulations, and training. FIDI/FAIM also provides its members with a high-quality network of global suppliers, ensuring you’ll receive the best service from start to finish.

  • Companies must undergo strict training procedures every two years to maintain their membership.
  • Members are subject to regular, onsite compliance procedures, where companies are analyzed on a number of points, including safety and security, facilities, equipment and materials, staff knowledge, training, and quality of management, customs documentation, insurance and risk management, legal compliance, and customer feedback.
  • FIDI/FAIM provides its members with the latest tools and best practices.

When you choose a FIDI/FAIM-certified international mover, you know you’re getting the very best. To learn more, visit:

JK Moving Services lists custom guidelines to more than 140 countries

As a FIDI Mover, JK can provide access to up-to-date custom guidelines for most countries, providing information on what you can bring into a country, the documents you will need, and specifics that will help you prepare for your overseas move. Contact your move coordinator to get the country report you need.


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