Residential Moving

How to actually enjoy your move: From a real JK mover

By Jacob Windle

At JK Moving, we have a saying: the three most stressful events in a person’s life are divorce, funerals, and moving. Although we have no remedy for the first two, our company holds the fundamental truth that the last item does not need to be the case. Despite the seemingly logistical nightmare that a move represents for so many, transporting all your possessions safely to a new home can actually be enjoyable. Yes, you read that correctly. Beyond even the very real possibility of a stress-free move lies the absolute pinnacle of the moving experience, a relocation that is fun.

While working on the crew as a mover, I interacted with hundreds of customers. From my experience, the difference between customers who enjoyed their move to the fullest, and those who needed to go “lie down for a while” every 15 minutes, was one simple concept, attitude. More specifically, attitude towards their move. Customers with positive attitudes always stayed more relaxed, kept level heads, and had better interactions with the crew. The secret to swapping your stress for excitement really does just come down to a simple concept we all learned early on: attitude is everything.

Right now you may be thinking: “Thanks for the cliche Mr. Writer, no help to me at all.” And you’re right. Unless you’re Mr. Rogers, Elmo, or Phil Swift, willing yourself to have a positive attitude about one of life’s most stressful experiences lies somewhere between incredibly difficult and beyond impossible. So, instead of leaving you with some pseudo-helpful advice, here’s a few ways to think more positively about your move.

Get excited about your new home

Although this is understandably not possible in all circumstances, taking some time to soak in the excitement of moving to a new place can help transform a stressful event into a fun experience. Try to think of the moving process the same way a kid thinks of every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. All great things have an even better build-up. Let the excitement of what’s to come carry you all the way to your destination.

Interact with the crew beyond what’s just necessary

enjoy your move dayMuch of the crew that will move your home have traveled across the country and beyond for their jobs. Many have stories about moving extravagant houses, priceless artwork, and quirky customers. Taking a small amount of time to ask a crewmate or two about their experiences on the job can help reduce the stress of having people you’ve never met in your home handling your things. Getting to know your crew can make it feel more like friends (who are still professionals) are moving your home, instead of complete strangers. From here, the positivity will flow more freely.

Secure the home front

It’s a simple truth that, within a family unit, some handle stress better than others. Whether it’s a spouse, kid, or the in-laws, in all likelihood some family members are feeling the pressure of the move more than others. To keep your own stress levels to a minimum, it may be worth considering finding an alternate move-day activity for your stress-prone loved ones. Giving your adult companions the “okay” for a spa or golf day, and sending the kids off to a playdate can be a great course of action when the movers arrive. Often, it’s much better to reduce the total quantity of family members in the house during the move, as the stress of one individual tends to leak onto others. Everyone can come back together at the end of the day for a final goodbye to the house or meet up for takeout at your new home.

Hire the best movers to enjoy your move

Even if you follow every tip and trick listed so far, a positive attitude about your move is impossible to achieve without an adequate crew. Untrained, unqualified, and unprofessional movers can shred your positivity and throw it into the wind. Nothing brings upon negativity, despair, and general “bad vibes” like a truck full of your damaged possessions. In order to keep both your things and attitude at their healthiest levels, it’s necessary to hire only the best moving company for your home. Hiring a crew that cares about you, your life, and your livelihood is the best way to keep your positivity trending upwards. At the end of the day, your move is about you, so do everything you can to enjoy it.