Residential Moving

Items to buy for your new home

You’ve finally moved into your new home – the hardest part is over, and now it’s time to get settled in and make your new space feel like home.

While you’re unpacking, you might realize you don’t have everything you need. Whether you unwittingly donated (or threw away) some important things, or you’ve moved into a bigger home and you simply need more items, there are some things you just can’t live without after you move.

Your new home shopping list

Here are some easily forgettable, but important, things to buy for your new home:

Trash cans/trash bags

Whether you’re looking for large bins for the kitchen or small, decorative ones for the bathroom, you’ll need to throw away garbage.

items to buy for your new home - lightbulbsLightbulbs

As you get comfortable, make a trip around your new home to see where lightbulbs need to be replaced. Make a point to purchase replacements that coordinate with your decor.

Extension cords/power strips

As you’re placing furniture and other items in your new home, it will take some time to get used to the placement of outlets. To make your life easier, invest in extension cords and power strips – and you won’t have to reach behind the couch to charge your phone!


Plungers are a basic necessity, and many people throw old ones out when they make a move. Purchase a new one for your new home so it will be on hand if the need arises.


It makes sense that you won’t bring your old sponges to your new home, so pick up a few during your next grocery run.

Air filters

Changing your air filters as soon as you move in allows you to breathe fresh air and also to know how old the filters are and when it’s time to change them again (once a month is best).


So many devices need batteries in your new home, from smoke detectors to remotes to clocks. We recommend purchasing a variety of battery sizes, from AAA to D to ensure you have what you need on hand.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is colorless and odorless. To keep your family safe, invest in carbon monoxide detectors to place in key areas around your new home.


items to buy for your new home - cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies

Oftentimes, homeowners toss out old cleaning supplies when they move, so you’ll need to replenish your supply. A few suggested items include an all-purpose cleaning spray, window cleaner, rubber gloves, mop, vacuum, duster, toilet cleaner, and bathroom cleaning spray.

Paper towels/toilet paper

Paper towels and toilet paper are basic necessities, but you’d be surprised by how often they’re forgotten! Keep a stash of these essentials when you make the move.

A safe

A safe is the best way to make sure your valuables are protected. Keep anything of importance in the safe, from your jewelry to your passport and any other important items.

Kitchen supplies

Your new kitchen workspace may call for additional supplies to cook and prepare meals. While unpacking your kitchen items make a list of kitchen tools, cookware, organizational and storage materials, or other items that will help make your meal prep easy and efficient in your new space.

Baby-proofing supplies

Baby-proofing isn’t something you can put off if you have young children. Making sure your new home is childproof will keep you from worrying about the little ones getting into trouble. Purchase a baby gate, cordless window treatments, magnetic locks for cabinets, and corner guards for sharp edges.

Shower curtain

Many people decide to leave their shower curtain with the old home, or they may simply throw it away. You’ll need a new one for your current bathroom.

Additional items you might need for your new home

As you continue to unpack and get settled into your new home, you may find that there are additional, bigger-ticket items you might need to purchase. Take stock of the items below to plan for additional purchase further down the road:

  • Furniture and decor – If you moved into a bigger space, you might need additional furniture pieces and decorative items to fill the home and make it yours.
  • Appliances – Depending on the age of your new home and whether the previous owners had done any updates in the home, you may want to add new appliances to your future purchase wish list.
  • Bedding – If you refreshed your decor after moving to your new home, new bedding can help make your bedrooms cozy and comfortable, coordinated with your updated style.

Keep this list of items to purchase in mind to assist with settling in your new home after you’ve unpacked every box.