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10 Tips to de-stress a holiday move

While moving during the holidays is not as common as moving during the summer months, some people still have to move homes during this season. These moves can be challenging, so we have some tips to help a holiday move go more smoothly.

“Holidays mean presents, family gatherings, and for some, the potential for cold, snowy weather,” said JK Moving CEO Chuck Kuhn. “For all these reasons, moving during the holidays can be stressful. Having helped many people move, we wanted to share some tips to help make holiday moving easier.”

10 Tips for a More Joyful Holiday Move

Here are some top tips for making a move this season:

  1. Gifting:  Instead of just moving all the holiday decorations in storage since last year, go through all of them. It might be difficult, but it may be time to donate decorations that haven’t been on display for years. Not only will you reduce how much you have to move, but you will spread holiday cheer when you donate.
  2. Holiday Cards (x2):  When sending out your holiday cards, make it a “twofer” and let everyone know of your upcoming move as well. Make sure to use your new address as the return address. This is an easy way to make sure everyone knows that you’re moving and where they can find you. Send the cards right away too, so you can receive your own as well.
  3. Postal Connection:  Make sure you change your address with the Post Office! This is something you should always do before a move, but especially important during the holidays.
  4. Warm It Up:  Verify that all utilities are turned on and ready to go the day you arrive. Spending a day without electricity would dampen the holiday spirit, so make sure you have confirmed all utilities are ready to go.
  5. Car Carols:  Have each member of the family create their own special holiday mix of music. Take turns listening to each family member’s mix while you drive and carol your way to your new home, particularly if you have far to go.
  6. Traveling Traditions:  Keep the traditions alive as best as you can. Talk with your family and find out what matters most to them in terms of holiday traditions. As you make the list, decide which traditions are possible to carry on in your new home and then do your best to make sure they happen.
  7. New Joys:  A move means new adventures and is a great time to start new traditions. During the move, look for fun places you can stop by and visit. It might not be the holiday celebration that your family is used to, but it doesn’t have to be a “lost” holiday.
  8. Decor Crate:  Separate the items you need for the holidays into their own box. Make sure you know where the wrapping paper, ornaments, lights, and gifts areas you travel. You do not want a necessary component of the holiday celebration in a moving truck when you need them most.
  9. Holiday Spirit:  Talk with your realtor about the holiday schedule for your new community. A tree lighting or community holiday play is a great way to meet new people and get into the holiday spirit.
  10.  Make a List:  Make a list and check it twice to help control what you can. In your plan, make sure you include extra time for possible weather and holiday delays. Remember that many local businesses will have different holiday hours.