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JK names 2022 Core Value Award winners

At JK, we embody our core values every day, in every interaction and every relationship. Our values are at the center of everything we do, and each year we recognize employees who truly go above and beyond with a Core Value Award. Employees nominated their colleagues for a value (or all of them!) and winners were recognized and honored.

Below are JK’s 2022 honorees. Congratulations to all!

It’s my job

Tabytha Thompson

Tabytha Thompson, HR Supervisor – Shared Services

HR can encompass quite a multitude of different inquiries and asks, and some of these requests don’t have one specific answer. Tabytha has always made it a point to get the answers necessary whether it is directly related to HR or something else. She takes ownership of what she does, follows through on any task given, and is always seen lending a helping hand to fellow employees. Tabytha takes “It’s My Job” to a new level by the many hats she wears throughout the day, and always with a smile!

Orion Skana

It’s my job

Orion Skana, Customer Care Coordinator – Residential Services

Orion is 100% committed with his job, his team, and the company. He is a real team player.

It’s my job

Alicia JacksonAlicia Jackson, Proposal Coordinator – Commercial Services

Alicia embodies many core values in her interactions with the sales team, customer service, and others in her role as Commercial Sales support. Alicia takes on the difficult tasks of bringing together commercial RFP responses, meeting tight timelines, and sifting through volumes of requirements to submit RFPs. Alicia does these tasks with calm, poise, and a heightened level of communication with many players. Alicia helps keep sales people finding the next opportunity and raises the bar on our responses on the current opportunities.

Kyle Bernard

Be caring and courteous

Kyle Bernard, Recruiter – Shared Services

He has been a great co-worker. He is the most caring person I have known in the company. He is a great teacher as well, which helped me in order to learn all I had to know to be proactive at my job with JK.

Be caring and courteous

Jaylen ThomasJaylen Thomas, Dispatch and Administrative Assistant – Commercial Services

Jaylen is always ready and willing to assist the team with any task or project. He works hard to meet deadlines and follows through to completion. I am impressed with his professionalism and excited to see him continue to grow within the organization.

Shannon Gomez

Be caring and courteous

Shannon Gomez, Recruiter – Long-distance drivers

Shannon is hardworking, extremely caring toward the candidates she speaks with, and really sells the JK brand. She’s also funny, personable, and an absolute joy to work with!

Commit to growth

Kristi GoodwinKristi Goodwin, Supplier Network Coordinator – Shared Services

Kristi has become proficient in a number of internal and third-party platforms to complete her responsibilities and to assist or backup everyone on the Supply Chain and Procurement team. She consistently and cheerfully volunteers to do so frequently.

Kristi has also acquired knowledge and grown her skills to perform an array of ‘unplanned’ tasks. A few examples: Kristi became our SME for the Egencia travel platform; consults with D&B to keep our subscription service expenses in check; analyzed utility, waste, and recycling services for JK facilities; and Managed the Giving Tuesday communications to suppliers. Kristi researched the requirements and extracted information to improve the value delivered to the Enterprise.

I appreciate Kristi’s broad abilities, collection of skills, and willingness to help. I’m very fortunate to have her on my team.

Cassy Roy

Commit to growth

Cassy Roy, Senior Customer Care Coordinator – Residential Services

I have had the pleasure to see the growth of dear Cassy to one of the best coordinators this company has had. A senior leader that handles the most executive high-end moves and a font of knowledge and experience for the whole team.

Commit to growth

Scott Mahoney and David Vigil, Senior Sales Coordinator and Customer Care Coordinator – Commercial Services

I am nominating them because they have made sure that I know all the ins and outs of how JK operates and ensure I am set up to be successful! Thank you, guys!

Scott Mahoney & David Vigil

The bottom line

Russell QuaoRussell Quao, Solutions Development Technical Lead – Shared Services

It’s been a pleasure working with Russell. He is a go-getter. He shows keen interest in building quality solutions, all while delegating work to his team very efficiently. He is an awesome communicator and is able to carry the message up or down very eloquently. He takes it upon himself to fix a problem right away when he notices it. He constantly looks for better ways of achieving results. Russell is one of the most productive contributors of the company.

Tanya Harrison

Have moxie

Tanya Harrison, A/P Supervisor, Shared Services

Tanya has been with JK Moving Services’ accounting department for a long time! I have learned so much from her with all of her knowledge within the moving industry. She is always there to help anyone on the accounting team!

Have moxie

Shannon ChallbergShannon Challberg, Customer Service Manager – Commercial Services

I want to nominate Shannon because she is always helping the team with everything. Even on her week off she was always helping and replying back to every message. She is always giving the best advice, and she is always motivating me with positive feedback and everything. I think she is the best example to follow. As a new team member, I’m really happy being on Shannon’s team.

Edon Demiraj

Have moxie

Edon Demiraj, Booking and Sales Assistant – Residential Services

Never before have I met a person that cares so much about getting things done with intelligent, efficient work while being humble enough to be open to any and all advice and critique.

Together, we succeed

Diana SutherlandDiana Sutherland, Qualification and Compliance Administrator – Shared Services

Diana is so easy to go to for help, she does not mind if she has showed you something before but you still need help again. She is always ready to help and is so supportive in every way! She continues to encourage me and others and is always so kind. She has that Together, We Succeed core value that is so important in our daily routine, and if I could nominate her for a few more core values, I would.

Justin Britt

Together, we succeed

Justin Britt, Asset Manager – Residential Services

Justin is always willing to help with any issue or concern to get the job done. He has helped my team with many open tickets, and as soon as a new one comes up, he is there without any hesitation. Thank you for helping our team tackle this summer and many other summers over the years. You are a hero!

Together, we succeed

Tony MartinTony Martin, Senior Project Manager – Commercial Services

For about two weeks Tony has been taking the initiative in helping me in the warehouse (JKWB) and making sure we get things done. Also, when I am having a hard time, he will give me a hand instead of just watching me.

Guillermo Hernandez

Connect the dots

Guillermo Hernandez, Systems Administrator – Shared Services

Guillermo is a “Dot Connector!” After working with JK for more than 17 years, and a couple different lines of service, he is truly the glue that holds the Information Technology Group together. Guillermo not only performs his own job with style, but he also makes it look like child’s play as he connects the dots between the dev teams, the help desk, system admins, network admins, and the enterprise at large. His collaboration across business lines is the pinnacle of the IT Game. Thank you, Guillermo, for being the play maker and Connecting Those Dots!

Brand promise awards

In addition to individual core value awards, JK recognized employees with the Care and Respect Award, which honors a team member who truly embodies all of JK’s core values and our brand promise of care and respect.

Care and respect

Laura CalvoLaura Calvo, Domestic Move Supervisor – Residential Services

Laura has always been very respectful in every communication that I ever had with her. She treats me with care and shows genuine appreciation for the work that I do.



As an organization, we are always looking to attract and retain top talent, and the overwhelming response to the call for nominations shows that we’re on the right track. We were thrilled to recognize the award winners and all the nominees for their hard work; their dedication to our core values makes it possible for us to take care of what matters most for our customers.