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Get to know Tiara Carrasco, Market Developer

Ask Tiara Carrasco three words to describe herself, and she’ll give you an upfront answer: honest, ambitious, and thoughtful. These qualities aren’t just great for working at JK Moving, they’re great traits to have in all aspects of life!

Tiara’s career

Tiara might not be someone who you expect to work for JK. Why? Because she has a BS in criminal justice from CSU Sacramento. But she likes to keep things interesting and never boxes herself in. Along the path to where she is today, Tiara has tried on many hats and gained all sorts of transferable skills outside of her degree.

She graduated during the height of the pandemic and started her first full-time position in inside sales just one month after. Fast forward a year, and she found her way to JK!

Tiara was recruited onto JK’s Residential Services Inside Sales team, but that wasn’t where she laid her roots down. Instead, she transitioned internally onto the Recruiting team and stayed there for about a year. Unfortunately, her role was dissolved, but JK is known for valuing our employees. Tiara was offered a newly created role in the company, one where she’s been able to kickstart a new Real Estate referral program.

Life at JK

Tiara enjoys working at JK because she appreciates the standard that our company holds itself to and the way our staff makes you feel like the best of the best. She also appreciates her coworkers for their diverse backgrounds, personalities, and experience levels.

“At JK, every single person you meet has a unique skill set,” Tiara said. “Each and every person is unlike any other.”

For someone just starting out with JK, Tiara has a few words of advice. She emphasizes branching out and getting to know coworkers outside of your team and department, and she recommends joining one of our existing employee resource groups – like the DEI&B Council – as it creates an impact outside of your daily work, along with developing a sense of belonging and being a great way to find your voice in the company.

Looking back and forward

When asked about the biggest milestone of her career, Tiara was ready with an answer. “My biggest milestone so far is celebrating my one-year anniversary at JK. Because I’m so early on in my career, it’s exciting to look back and see all that I’ve accomplished and all the ways I’ve grown in just one year. I’ve been challenged in ways I never imagined, but sticking to my values has helped me conquer every hurdle I’ve come across.”

Tiara has plenty of goals for the next five years. She hopes to rescue a dog with her partner, continue volunteering at organizations that aid victims of crime, and settle further into her career. As time goes on, she hopes she’s still enjoying her hobby of crochet, still healthy, and possibly moved out of California (where she was born and raised) and into Washington state to be closer to her and her partner’s siblings and their children.

Tiara CarrascoTiara’s family life

Family is just as important to Tiara as her career. She and her partner of three years just moved in together, and they love taking weekend getaways to local beaches, going to concerts, and playing board games.

In her free time, Tiara enjoys crocheting, reading thriller novels, getting tattooed, collecting perfume, and creating products for her Etsy shop.