JK Team

Get to know Tabytha Thompson, HR Supervisor

When asked to describe herself in three words, Tabytha Thompson answered with: determined, kind, and loyal. In our opinion, those are three of the best traits to have!

Tabytha’s career journey

Tabytha joined JK’s Human Resources team in February 2022, after discovering she had a passion for company culture, company growth, building successful teams, and improving HR processes while working with her mentor in her previous position in payroll.

The company’s focus on culture and growth initially attracted her, and she cherishes the community that we foster. At JK, Tabytha values her autonomy and the fact that she can do what needs to be done to create change and improve processes, all while contributing to the growth of the HR team.

She is “honored to represent a company that values their employees and that is committed to living out their core values.”

Career milestones

One of the biggest milestone of Tabytha’s career happened when she was working for a fast-growing fitness company. This company announced an initiative to open ten new clubs per year, and Tabytha was given the opportunity to build a new onboarding program from the ground up. The program helped to launch several new location openings, adding 300 new employees.

Looking aheadTabytha and boys

Looking towards the future, Tabytha is working hard to get her SPHR certification. She is excited to deepen her knowledge on HR compliance and leadership skills, with the hopes to one day lead a Human Experience Team in HR.

Home is where the heart is

While Tabytha’s professional goals are important, family is paramount for her. Tabytha is married to her high school sweetheart, and she and her husband have two boys – ages 4 and 12. The family of four enjoys outdoor movies, live music, and a good lacrosse game.