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The JK Moving Blog

12 easy “boxy” DIY Halloween costumes

Boxy Halloween - Air Mail
DIY air mail costume by Studio DIY

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and if you’re planning for, in the middle of, or just completed a move, you may have some extra moving boxes lying around. With some scissors, paint, and tape or glue, you can turn those cardboard moving boxes into a great Halloween costume. And you’ll be re-using the box to boot!

Here are some clever costume ideas that all start with a simple cardboard box:

1. Robot

Some silver paint and a few accessories from the hardware store, and your robot will be ready for tricks and treats.

Halloween - Robot

2. Minecraft or LEGO character

Both Minecraft and LEGO have characters stylized to be boxy, making these costumes a natural fit.

Boxy Halloween - Minecraft

3. Photo strip

Besides being incredibly clever, this costume also weighs less than all the others.

Photo strip Halloween costume

4. S’more

Cut squares from an extra box to use as the graham crackers in this sweet costume.

Boxy Halloween - s'more

5. Canoe

You can even turn the front into a bag for treats!


6. Rubik’s cube

It looks like you’ve solved your costume problem!

Boxy Halloween - Rubik's cube

7. Christmas/birthday gift

This quick and easy costume is cause for celebration!

Christmas gift

8. Pizza

Just one slice, but your local pizza place will probably deliver to your costume party.

DIY pizza costume
DIY pizza costume by Studio DIY

9. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Grab a few friends to play along with this classic board game inspired costume.

Boxy Halloween - Hungry Hungry Hippos

10. Air mail

This special delivery will be right on time for trick-or-treating.

Air Mail
DIY air mail costume by Studio DIY

11. Piñata

You’ll be the hit of the party with this colorful costume!

Boxy Halloween - pinata
DIY piñata costume by Studio DIY

12. Latte

With imagination and a little creativity, you could have a latte fun at your next Halloween party!

Latte Halloween costume
JK’s Sheila and Ash teamed up for this imaginative costume

Some extra tips for crafting the costumes:

  • When a costume demands flexibility, tape works better than glue and can help reinforce the cardboard to prevent tearing.
  • String can be used to tie pieces together, which allows more movement than gluing or taping the pieces together. That extra shoestring finally has a use!
  • Use tape on corners of the cardboard to avoid paper cuts.
  • Air out whatever you paint and give it time to dry, or else you’ll be trick-or-treating with some side effects.
  • This is cardboard, so be careful not to get it wet!