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Remote work deployment case study

With the resurgence of the coronavirus, many businesses are announcing long-term or even permanent remote work solutions. Taking this into consideration, a VA-based Fortune 500 hospitality company decided to keep its headquarters employees working remotely until at least early 2021.


As with most employers, this business found that the staff needed minimal equipment to work remotely for a short time. However, it became apparent that long-term remote work would become the norm. They questioned whether their 800+ staff members had the right equipment to remain productive while working from home. As a result, the company decided it was best for their staff to have all their personal work belongings and equipment at their residences.

In addition, their staff will eventually need to return to the headquarters offices. This required the office set-up to be reconfigured to abide by social distancing protocols.


For their team of remote workers, the company turned to JK Moving and our white-glove packing services. We packed the contents and equipment of approximately 200 private offices and 600+ workstations. We then delivered their staff’s belongings to their individual home offices. To minimize the risk of items being misplaced or lost, the JK supervisor took pictures of each staff member’s desk and contents before packing began.

Using gloves and masks to reduce the potential of virus spread, all items were packed, labeled, and barcoded. This process ensured all items were coded for the proper office staff. An electronic inventory was kept for internal and client use. Once all items were packed, they were either picked up by staff curbside or delivered to their homes.

JK worked with the business to prepare to safely bring their employees back to the office. JK’s space planner was brought in to properly plan the workspace for staff coming back on site. In addition to the space planning, JK’s installers dismantled the existing workspace configuration. Crews then reconfigured the workstations to accommodate social distancing protocols.


Remote employees’ productivity increased with the proper equipment, all while minimizing the risk of contact with the coronavirus. Additionally, the company’s workstations are now properly distanced to allow for a safe staff return when the time comes.