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Innovation in moving and storage – sustainable building protection

Building Protection


JK Moving Services takes great care to protect all surfaces throughout your move. In fact, JK ensures the protection of every part of your newly constructed space.

In 2018 JK took a strategic sustainable approach to protect your building and workspace with Polynite®. Polynite® is a revolutionary new product that will eventually replace Masonite as the industry standard.

For this reason, our Crews cover sensitive surfaces like marble, hardwood, slate, and high-gloss tile with a layer of Polynite®, binding it with duct tape to prevent shifting.

Polynite’s® advantages over traditional Masonite include:

Clean – It doesn’t crack or chip, leading to dust and debris on the carpet

Lightweight – It is easier and safer to carry, position and install.  Crews become more efficient by reducing the time and cost to install building protection.

Durable – It offers superior protection for all types of flooring for up to 10 years.

Impervious to Water – It doesn’t curl while maintaining a safe walking surface. Carpet installers use water to stretch, straighten, and apply
the carpet.  Using Masonite may cause it to curl at the edges, creating trip hazards for workers.

Design – The 32” width easily fits through doorways to offer a more complete protection solution.

Environmentally Friendly – It is composed of recycled materials helping to reduce waste.