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The JK Moving Blog

Are you chasing excellence, or are you innovating it?


Every company will tell you they deliver quality and value. And they probably do. But the pages of history are full of companies that used to deliver quality and value and aren’t around anymore.

They stopped innovating. They lost their competitive edge. And suddenly, instead of having others chase them in the race for excellence, they were chasing others … and falling behind.

A generation ago, when Americans thought of cutting-edge technology, they probably thought of companies like Polaroid, Kodak, and Xerox. Today they’d probably think of companies like Apple, Amazon, microchip makers, and biopharmaceutical companies. And even those companies have to keep their edge because the minute you stop innovating—and start imitating—you’re history.

At JK Moving Services, we’re a leader in innovation, just like we have been for more than three decades. That’s one reason we’re still growing while many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside. We’ve become the largest independently owned moving and storage company in the U.S. by taking the same commitment to innovation you do, so by the time our competitors think they’ve caught up with us, we’ve already moved ahead.

Why Bother Mastering Moving?

The road to mastery is not paved.  It is formed from equal parts of caring, innovation, and having a little moxie.

Why do we offer video survey services?  Why create a paperless delivery system?  Why do we provide 1,000s of hours of crew training, when a minimal amount would do?  Why do we provide standard sustainable building protection?  Why do we provide Project Management Services?  Why do we give back to our community?

Because we want to create an entirely new feeling when you move.  The difference between excellence and mastery is all the difference in the world.

Every innovation, every feeling, every new referral is a product of mastery.

While mastery is not the road for every mover, for us it’s a daily commute.

Check back next week to learn about the first of eight innovations JK has implemented to master moving.

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