Grant Macpherson
Job title
Moving Consultant

With my father having spent his career in the relocation business, it’s safe to say that I “grew up” in the moving industry. I joined JK after having worked for the company for two consecutive summers as an intern. I learned the business first as part of a moving crew and later, from the administrative perspective, conducting surveys for all of JK’s ongoing accounts.

In addition to my role at JK, I am proud to be an active committee member with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, contributing to the community in which I serve.

Having personally moved many times throughout North America, I know how hard relocation can be on a family. So it was an easy decision to join JK after I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Business Management. I have enjoyed my position as a moving consultant since in 2010, where it has been my honor to help dozens of families realize smooth, low-stress moves.