Personalized Employee Relocation

No matter the situation, JK can offer a solution

Employee relocation can be disruptive. JK believes that smarter, simpler moves can help households adjust to their new surroundings quicker and get employees back to work easier. That’s why we put all our resources, including our global network of partners, into offering employee relocation services that are truly personal.

CapRelo Partnership

JK partners with CapRelo, the global leader in personalized employee relocation services, to help customers navigate the many complex transactions that come with relocation. Whether it means helping your new hires understand the tax implications of selling their home and find a new home or mapping out packing and storage needs, JK and CapRelo have your relocating employees covered.

Your HR, extended

Every relocation brings different challenges, which is why JK and CapRelo work with employers and employees to craft relocation plans that serve everyone’s interests and needs.

Employers benefit from the combined resources of two leaders in global relocation. This includes everything from JK’s industry-leading moving services to CapRelo’s world-class global mobility management services and financial counseling—all provided in a single relocation relationship.

JK and CapRelo act as a seamless extension of your existing HR team, taking the time to get to know the employees we’re serving. We know that the easier the move is for the employee, the sooner they’ll be able to get back to work with 100% focus.

We handle the paperwork

Employee relocation brings a steady stream of quotes and invoices. JK and CapRelo audit of all the paperwork to make sure nothing is missed (and no one is overcharged). And for maximum transparency, CapRelo’s web-based platform CapConnect™ allows you to track details of every transaction related to the move.

We’re ready to help

Contact us anytime, or ask your relocation counselor how JK and CapRelo can help your relocation work better and smarter.


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