JK takes great care to protect all surfaces throughout the moving process. In 2018 JK took a strategic sustainable approach to protect your building and workspace with Polynite®.  Polynite® is a revolutionary new product that will eventually replace Masonite as the industry standard.  Our Crews cover sensitive surfaces like marble, hardwood, slate, and high-gloss tile with a layer of Polynite®, binding it with green tape to prevent shifting. 

Polynite’s® Advantages:

  • Clean – It doesn’t crack or chip, leading to dust and debris on the carpet
  • Lightweight – It is easier and safer to carry, position and install.  Crews become more efficient by reducing the time and cost to in stall building protection.
  • Durable – It offers superior protection for all types of flooring for up to 10 years.
  • Impervious to Water – It doesn’t curl while maintaining a safe walking surface. Carpet installers use water to stretch, straighten, and apply the carpet.  Using Masonite may cause it to curl at the edges, creating trip hazards for workers.
  • Design – The 32” width easily fits through doorways to offer a more complete protection solution.
  • Environmentally Friendly – It is composed of recycled materials helping to reduce waste

CoroPlast® Advantages:

The walls are protected with 5’ high rolls of polypropylene material called CoroPlast® and door jams with 6’ high Teflon protectors. CoroPlast® is a sustainable recyclable, reusable, corrugated plastic sheet.

  • Contains high amount of post-consumer/post-industrial material.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable polypropylene composition.
  • High moisture resistance.
  • Qualifies for Green Building Council LEED Credit.
  • Reusable resource for our customers

Last, but not least - to prevent incidental damage, the suite entrance, glass doors and elevator cabs are protected with Mat-a-Doors® (a reusable foam padding protection system).