Commercial Archive Services

Archive Services

Complete, secure archive management services

From shredding and storage to digital libraries and records management, JK's proven team of professionals is ready to deliver.

Data and Records management.

If ever-increasing paperwork is sapping your resources and increasing your exposure to risk, JK can manage your office records for you—safely, securely, and cost-effectively.

Data and document destruction.

Information security isn’t only about your IT systems. It’s also about your recycling systems. Each day, your employees are placing sensitive company paperwork (payroll, customer data, Intellectual Property, etc.) unlocked, unsecure, unlocked bins, which can cause data breaches. Outdated documents and data should be discarded with care. JK delivers these services securely, swiftly and smoothly.

Asset management.

If overseeing storage and distribution in-house is straining your resources and staff, let JK help you manage the details.

Document imaging.

For increased collaboration, sharper decision-making, and faster responses to requests, JK facilitates access to your organization’s documents through complete, professional digital imaging.

Access documents in as little as an hour.

In the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, JK makes life easier for our customers by providing timely, on-demand transport of their materials to and from our facilities.

Archive Services

Protecting your most critical data.

JK makes managing documents, data, and media convenient and affordable. Our customized, secure solutions—from file box storage to document imaging—provide access to your information, whenever you need.


Say goodbye to unneeded documents and data.